4 Advantages of Using a Self-Contained Compactor

4 Advantages of Using a Self-Contained Compactor

Waste disposal is one of the major concerns in today’s world. The population has increased so much that we have become waste producers and consumers, resulting in an increased demand for garbage collection services. Not only this, but the rising cost of living has made us more conscious about keeping our garbage bins clean every time we throw away something from home or office. A self-contained compactor is an equipment whose use has increased in recent times because of the many benefits it offers to both you as well as your family. It operates on the principle of allowing all the air inside the bin to escape through the top opening by pushing down everything that comes in contact with its bottom surface, which also helps to keep the material inside fresh for a longer period of time.

1) Controls Offensive Odors

When you open the lid of a conventional trash can, there will be a strong stench that wafts around like crazy. This smell usually gets into your eyes, nose, or even mouth. But if your garbage bin contains a self-contained compactor, then it does not allow any odor to get into your surroundings. On the other hand, once you close the lid of a conventional container, there will be a constant release of stale smells from inside the container itself. So whenever you need to dispose of foodstuffs such as eggs, prawns, or fish bones, make sure that they do not go into the regular trash disposal system; otherwise, you may give a really bad smell to everyone who visits the house. Having a self-contained compactor would save you such a headache.

2) Keeps Pests Away

Waste tends to be a breeding ground for various types of insects and pests that thrive on rotting materials. When you open your garbage can for normal reasons, you will find flies buzzing around looking for rotting items. If you live near any park or marketplace, this practice will be unavoidable. However, since your bin keeps the contents fresh, the chances of the insects getting to stay alive indoors are less. You will also avoid having those ugly moths roaming around the house searching for sustenance.

3) Discourages Scavengers

The presence of a regular trash can increases the risk of animals and small birds breaking into the containers to look for food scraps. These animals prefer to visit places where they feel safe from humans and predators. In case there is no protection from humans, they prefer to hunt nearby areas that provide better shelter and security. Because of the lack of proper protection, these wild animals tend to visit your premises regularly and cause damage to your property. This becomes even worse if you have children or pets staying at home. With the help of a self-contained compaction unit, your trash cans will discourage these wild animals from visiting your home.

4) Reduces Fire Hazards

Garbage cans often collect dust and debris. Over time, these materials accumulate and eventually form big balls. Fire hazards happen when these substances come in contact with each other and ignite, causing significant damage to your property, including furniture and curtains. By using a self-contained compactor, your trash cans reduce the chances of fires happening at your place. This is because the compressed contents inside remain dry and compacted, thereby reducing the chances of combustion between different materials.

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