4 Health Issues to Watch out for as we Grow Older

As we all get older, there are certain signs that make us aware of the passing of time. As children, we could fall out of a tree and just bounce, yet somehow we manage to hurt ourselves standing up or sleeping funny.
There are some key issues to watch out for as we all get older.


Most commonly found in the hands or the knees, Arthritis is the joint pain you feel in the mornings or after any exercise. It’s the stiffness you feel in your hands which stop you opening that jar. We all know of Arthritis because our Grand Parents suffered from it, but we need to watch out and be aware before it hits us too. Arthritis can eventually lead to a dowager hump, which can be very uncomfortable and cause lots of neck and back pain.

There are solutions and medications to ease the pain and reduce the swelling, so the good news is that we can treat it if we catch it early. JAK and DMARD treatments are both highly effective and relatively available.


Having spent one too many nights in front of the speakers at a pretty decent gig, we’ve all walked out with ringing in our ears. Yet Tinnitus is the same effect without the fun part of the gig. It will just start at any point in the day or night and ring constantly. It could also manifest itself as a buzzing or humming.
The only way to prevent Tinnitus, is to avoid loud noises and protect our ears when we’re younger. Not standing near the speakers is a good start, but also turning down our headphones to a safe level works really well too.

Overactive Thyroid

The thyroid gland works hard in our bodies to produce hormones, sometimes it works too hard and produces too many hormones. This will result in a swollen neck, tiredness and a sensitivity to heat. The good news is that it’s treatable with a tablet, you can pick up Liothyronine here and carry on with normal day-to-day life. If caught early enough, there’s no need for surgery to fix an overactive thyroid gland.

Bad Posture

Years of sitting at a computer desk, hunched over emails and smashing a keyboard in anger, will cause us all to have a slumped posture. Our backs will be naturally curving over and we’re developing the start of a hunch back.
The quickest and easiest cure is to prevent it happening. Change your office chair, sit in an upright position and adjust your desk right now. Your back should be straight and your hands resting easily on your desk.

Growing old should be about enjoying the finer things in life. It should be spending time with the family, enjoying your work and making the most of the weekends. It shouldn’t be trips to the doctors and it really shouldn’t be trips to the hospital. A few simple changes to our lives today, and the awareness of these problems, can have a huge impact on our health later on in life.

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