4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Practice Yoga During Tough Times

Yoga, like any exercise or lifestyle change, requires consistent commitment. You can’t expect to reap the benefits without putting in the time. However, when life gets busy or you’re not feeling 100%, it can be only too easy to let your motivation dip.

Don’t let your yoga mat gather dust! We’ve put together a list of 4 tips to help you stay motivated to practice yoga.

1) Make Yoga a Part of Your Life

Stop seeing yoga like an exercise or a chore and start seeing it as just a part of your life. One way to cement your love of yoga is to treat yourself to some yoga gifts, such as chakra bracelets, that will make your home more zen and remind you to practice. For example, drink your morning tea from a yoga-themed mug or gift yourself yoga blocks in your favorite color. 

Another way to ensure yoga plays a central role in your life is to reach out to classmates or friends and make time to work out together via Zoom. The shared commitment will strengthen both your friendships and your commitment to yoga.

2) Reset Your Expectations

If you’ve had a long week, the idea of a 90-minute yoga session might seem insurmountable. When you’re struggling with fitness burnout, embrace the value of a shorter workout. By giving yourself the permission and expectation to just do 15 minutes then call it, you may find that once you get into it, you have the energy to exceed your goal. If not, a quick session will still help with retaining your yoga habit.

3) Change Up Your Playlist

Research has proven that music can positively influence us in achieving our fitness goals. Music can help with yoga burnout by distracting you from pain and muscle fatigue and elevating your overall mood. With endorphins pumping through your veins and a cool beat to distract your brain, you’re less likely to be staring at the clock and counting down the seconds left of your workout. 

One mistake yogis can make is thinking they need to stick to soft, traditional yoga tracks. Yoga is about connection and being true to yourself. So, while spiritual chants and instrumentals may work for some, don’t be afraid to add some of your favorite pop or electronic beats to the mix to help you stay pumped.

4) Use Youtube for Inspiration

If you do all your yoga sessions solo and at home, things can get stale quickly. Instead of relying on the same routines you did pre-pandemic at the studio, why not branch out and try something new? Youtube is a fantastic, free source of materials, with many popular yoga instructors moving their teaching online. Don’t just stick to one instructor – mix and match until you can create a routine that really gels with your energy.

The key to a successful yoga journey is consistency. When you feel unmotivated and inspired, just follow the above four tips to rejuvenate your commitment to practicing regularly. 

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