4 Well-Known SEO Errors That Some Businesses Make

4 Well-Known SEO Errors That Some Businesses Make

Before starting a business, you should already have a plan outlining everything you need to accomplish to ensure that your business does not get into trouble. As such, businesses would often hire SEO experts to help them achieve a better online presence. And you should know that they are one of the most critical services for businesses nowadays, mainly when focusing on catering to online users. 

However, there are times when businesses would not hire a professional SEO company because they believe that they can do it themselves. Meanwhile, anyone can do SEO, but SEO companies have years of experience and knowledge that lets them produce exceptional results all the time. So, if you want to start learning about SEO before you even hire an agency, you should learn the common SEO errors encountered by many. 

  1. Slow Loading Web Page

When users visit your website, they would usually expect it to load fast on their phone or computers within a second or two. But when the website fails to load in less than two seconds, you should expect that the user will leave right away. As such, people expect any website to load right away, especially when using high-speed internet. 

That is one reason your business should hire an SEO agency because they can fix your website’s slow loading problem. Usually, a website loads slowly when it has too many heavy files like images, videos, and built-in apps. And you should get rid of anything useless or reduce their file size to significantly increase the site loading speed. 

  1. Bad Reviews From Clients/Customers

Remember that reviews are also crucial in improving your SEO rankings, so you have to keep an eye out for what users say about your website or business. Meanwhile, search engines like Google are very particular with reviews, so it is vital that you provide the best user experience as much as possible. 

Search engines will accumulate all of the bad reviews it detects and use them as a metric to determine whether you will be ranked high or low in search engines. Fortunately, your business and SEO company can read those reviews and find ways to resolve them right away. And having a reliable SEO agency alongside can help increase your business’s positive reviews at a faster rate. 

  1. Lacking Geo-Specific Pages

Sometimes, small businesses aim to expand their market across the world to get a wider audience and potentially increase profits significantly. However, that will be nearly complicated to achieve without creating geo-specific website content. This is because users most of the time use search engines for “near me” services, and the search engine will only show results that have geo-specific content. 

  1. Duplicate Website Content

You might notice that your website is still not ranked higher even with the many high-quality website contents you put out regularly. And the reason for that happening might be due to duplicate content within your website. So, you need to find and remove duplicate content right away so that search engines do not detect them and pull your search engine rankings. 

Fortunately, search engines like Google do not penalize websites anymore when they detect duplicate content. Although, if you have near-identical website content, it would be best to delete one and keep the most relevant and have the highest traffic. 

So, ensure your business hires the most reliable Utah SEO agency if you want to avoid running into the SEO mistakes mentioned above. 

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