5 benefits of playing golf for women

The story of golf paints a picture of a sport that has changed over the years to become one of the most gender-sensitive pastime activities.  Today, thousands of women play golf for one reason or the other. We would say, to women, the benefits of golfing are immense. However, before you make that one decisive swing in a golf tournament, a question most people would be asking at this point is, how do women benefit from playing golf? 

You would, of course, want to think about financial rewards that come with golfing in competitive tournaments. But that is only part of the bargain. For someone who always wants to take advantage of the Algarve Golf deals, there is more that comes with walking into a golf course than big money pay-offs. In this post, we explore five benefits of playing golf to women. Take a look. 

Better sleep

Studies show that women who golf have a better sleep pattern than those who do not. The reason is simple. Golfing always takes place in some of the most serene places, and with that, you should expect high production of endorphins. Also, walking to and around the golf course help keep women fit. The end bargain is exercising for better sleep. 

Physical strength and fitness 

Another benefit that women who play golf stand to gain is strength in the physical sense and mental wellness. While the sport is not one of the most weight-bearing exercises, studies show that women who play golf have strong bones and leaner muscles. There are many ways to increase your strength and performance and you can easily do that with a great set of golf grips, which will take your game to the next level.

Improved blood circulation

Improved blood circulation is another reason why more women now play golf.  The fact that you will be swinging your club, walking on the course and thinking hard about your next moves, makes golf a sport that presents great health benefits to women. With improved blood circulation, you should expect a healthy heart rate.

It lowers stress

Golf is a less strenuous exercise and women who play it report a healthier mind and stress-free life. A stress-free lifestyle means a better life. When on the golf course making your swings, endorphins hormones get released. The leisure walks and pleasure of playing in serene places make golf a truly stress-relieving sport for women looking to improve their quality of life.

Active lifestyle 

Let’s face it. An active lifestyle equals great health. It has been established that more senior women are now taking up golf sessions than men. A study established that at the age of ’40s onwards, that’s when more women start playing golf. They aim to maintain an active lifestyle and to cope with family-related pressures. It also helps women connect more with friends. 

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits of golfing for women. From burning calories, cutting weight to relieving stress, more women are now taking up the sport both as a pastime activity and a professional engagement. If you are a woman looking to be part of the revolution, it is never too late to get started. 

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