5 Content Ideas to Have on a Personal Lawyer Website

Filling your personal lawyer website with excellent content your potential clients want to see is a good way to improve your online presence. People who are searching for the legal services you provide want to find a professional site that doesn’t make them work too hard for what they need. Whether you have a website already or have yet to create one, here are five content ideas you can try as part of your content marketing strategy.

1. An Informative Welcome Video

Having an informative welcome video on your homepage that gives a brief overview of your history as a personal lawyer, the services you provide and what to expect with the legal process can go a long way in making sure site visitors feel connected to you.

The video doesn’t have to be lengthy, and you can go into as much or as little detail as you want. The purpose of the video content should be to engage interested visitors.

2. Service-specific Blog Posts

Search engines like Google want to provide highly relevant and useful content to their visitors. If your personal lawyer website doesn’t have a blog that’s updated on a regular basis, you should consider adding one.

Service-specific blog posts can help search engines and potential clients find your website. If the content is professionally written and presented, visitors can turn into clients.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to your website can not only provide great content for your visitors, it can save you time and energy. If someone can easily read about your office hours or practice areas, they can self-filter by reaching out for a consultation or deciding you’re not the best fit for their legal needs.

Be sure to link the FAQ section in multiple places, such as your header, footer and the main body of your home page. This can help visitors get answers before reaching out.

4. Highly Relevant Case Studies

As a personal lawyer, you may specialize in a few different legal areas. Having a good mix of highly relevant case studies for site visitors to read can help you build credibility and set expectations — all before a phone call or email has gone out.

If you decide to feature case studies on your website, include a disclaimer about past and present outcomes, expected results and anything else relevant to your practice.

5. Useful Lead Magnet Download

One of the most important pieces of content you can have on your personal lawyer website is a useful lead magnet download. What is a lead magnet? It’s a piece of content you let a visitor download in exchange for their contact information so you can follow up with them. You can get creative with the type of lead magnet you provide, but whatever you choose, it needs to be more valuable than any other piece of content on your site.

Some examples of lead magnets for personal lawyer websites include the following:

  • A professionally designed information kit complete with exclusive offers
  • A private playlist of legal information videos hosted on YouTube
  • A short eBook about the history and current laws surrounding your practice

Putting Your Content Into Action

There are other types of content you can include in addition to the five listed above, such as testimonials and a dedicated about page. Whatever content you decide to incorporate, be sure to have it professionally written and edited, so you can showcase the best personal lawyer website possible.

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