5 Effective Ways to Maximize Damages in a Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

The Camp Lejeune crisis is not the first time humans have been irresponsible with toxic chemicals. But, it is listed among those where thousands of victims have been affected. And that too, in the most unsuspecting of ways – drinking water.

The victims of Camp Lejeune have been severely injured, both mentally and physically. Many have opted to sue those responsible and win compensation for their suffering by filing a Camp Lejeune lawsuit.

If you are among them, this is a guide you can follow to get the most monetary compensation for your injuries.

What Damages Can You Expect From A Camp Lejeune Lawsuit?

The Camp Lejeune lawsuit is being filed by the victims of the Camp Lejeune crisis. A total of around one million military and civilian staff members and their families are estimated to have been affected by the contaminated water. The contamination took place between 1957-1987 in the Marine Corps Military Base, Camp Lejeune, for a massive 30 years. By the time it was discovered, harm was already done.

In August 2022, the Camp Lejeune Justice Act was turned into a law. This allowed victims to claim damages for the personal injuries they suffered due to contamination at Camp Lejeune. Ever since then, both lawyers/law firms and the victims have been working together. You will need a functional strategy to get the most compensation from the Camp Lejeune lawsuit too. 

TorHoerman Law mentions that damages for the Camp Lejeune lawsuit may include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability, etc. 

With evidence to support your case, your lawyer can help you evaluate the damages you may claim. Every case is different, and so are the personal injuries. Ascertaining an amount for the lawsuit depends on various factors. This includes the extent of the emotional and bodily injuries, the kind of evidence available, and so on. 

How To Maximize The Settlement Amount?

Here is what you must do to ensure you get the most damages for personal injury from a Camp Lejeune lawsuit:

Measure The Damages You Can Apply For

The Camp Lejeune water contamination has injured its victims in diverse ways. These are deadly diseases like Cancer, Leukemia, Infertility in women, etc., as well as emotional pain and suffering. Then there are also the expensive treatments for these, burdening them financially.

Only you know what you’ve been through. Thus, the first step is to check the sort of damages you can claim for your personal injuries. After a lawyer consultation, you can estimate a practical monetary compensation amount that you can win from the lawsuit. This will also help you determine whether the lawsuit will be worth it.

Protect Evidence And Medical Records

For Camp Lejeune water contamination victims, medical records influence personal injury damages. Given the nature of diseases, the medical bills and the costs of treatment would be high. Thus, you must preserve medical records, which will act as vital evidence in the trials.

But these aren’t your only weapons. Make sure you focus on whatever other evidence you can find for your lawsuit and preserve them.

Consider The Damages For The Future

As of 2023, the average victim of the Camp Lejeune water crisis has already suffered a lot, especially financially. For most, the treatments aren’t over, and there will be more in the future.

The process of claiming damages for the Camp Lejeune lawsuit is going to be lengthy. By the time the lawsuit ends and you finally receive damages, you will have spent a lot more. Hence when you claim damages for your personal injuries, consider both past and future expenses.

Let the Attorney Do the Negotiation

Personal injury attorneys excel at negotiation, as this is a fundamental part of their profession. When it’s time for negotiations down the road, it’s best to consult your attorney and let him handle it. After all, the negotiation skills of your lawyer will be vital when the time comes.

If you have little or no experience in it, you may end up accepting a low offer. But by letting your attorney take care of negotiating and other legal aspects, you won’t fall prey to the tricks of the opposing party.

Get the Right Lawyer for the Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

You will need a professional attorney to represent and fight for your claims in a Camp Lejeune lawsuit. The settlement process is long, with many legal twists and turns that the average person would not be able to navigate alone.

With an attorney to give you the right legal advice, you’ll not only gain a stronger ground to claim compensation but also quicken the process. For your part, you can follow the suggestions here to get the most compensation.

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