5 Ways To Convince Your Ex A Child Needs Speech Therapy

Separation is never an easy process, especially if you share a child with your partner and find it harder to manage custody over him/her than to think about your own feelings. As a mother, you may find that your child may develop more issues being raised by a single parent than having a complete family. Some of the problems can relate to speech and how the child communicates with everyone.

However, whether you’ve already gained custody of your child, taking him to Speech Therapy may require the consent of your ex-husband. A speech therapist requires both parents’ permission to ensure that the child receives unbothered treatment and services. Going back to court should be off the table, so here’s how you can use optimism to convince your ex about the benefits of going to therapy.

Cost of Therapy Services

Raising a child is never easy, and when you’ve just recently gone through a divorce, oftentimes expenses can blow up if you find yourself alone. However, any person in their right mind would never forsake their child’s safety and development just because they find it expensive to spend money on therapy.

Fortunately, your ex-husband can rest assured that he won’t have to spend a dime on the therapy services as it is often covered by insurance. Ensuring that he understands your insurance company’s policies will also be a healthy conversation to ensure future compliance whenever your child needs to undergo therapy or other similar services again.

Speech therapy for kids is a great way to ensure that your child’s language and speech develop steadily to reduce the possibility of developmental problems in his/her early social stages. As a mother, reassuring your ex that you only want the best for the child will motivate him to contribute by being compliant and trusting your decisions.

If you live in Placer County, California, then chances are, you’ve heard of the many facilities in the area that offer speech therapy for kids. However, one of Cali’s better Granite Bay speech therapy centers is Absolute Synergy Rehabilitation, as they have highly trained and certified professionals who only want the best for your child.

Long-Term Benefits

When you’ve introduced the possibility of having insurance cover the cost of speech therapy, the next approach you can take is taking advantage of his fatherly instincts. A father will always have a soft spot for his first child; that’s almost always a given fact, and losing custody of the mother can sometimes affect his ego. When you’ve noticed that he’s taken a hit to his pride, you may want to use positive reinforcement to help you convince him.

As a single mother, you want your child to understand what happened to your relationship with the father as he/she grows up. Likewise, your ex-husband will also want to explain his side of the story to his child but may find it quite challenging to establish a conversation, especially since you won the custody battle and not him.

Your ex will be surprised at how effective speech therapy can be in developing or renewing the relationship he once had with his child. To supplement this fact, you can have the speech therapist explain in detail the benefits of opting for speech therapy early on instead of having it when the child is older.

Another benefit of speech therapy is improving your child’s overall mood, especially when he/she gets older. When he/she can make successful conversations with peers, family members, and even the strangers they encounter, your child will be more optimistic and positive about learning and communicating.

Child Development Comes First

Find the motivation to establish a healthy conversation with your ex-husband and make him realize that your indifferences should be set aside in the face of your child’s development. This needs to be your first priority before introducing the idea of applying for speech therapy. It’s one thing to worry about your child, but having to cope with personal issues can hinder giving them the best childhood.

As a mother, you must keep your emotions in check and strive to get your ex’s cooperation to ensure the future of your child’s development. The adverse effects of delayed speech and growth can sometimes be hard to manage when they are older. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your child fail in school because of poor speech and language development.

In some cases, ex-husbands may let their ego cloud their better judgment, which is when you should step in and take the initiative to explain everything. It may be challenging to communicate with someone who used to be your partner but make sure that your child gets the best treatment possible comes first.

Preventing Further Developmental Delay

Seeing one’s parents go separate ways is never a comfortable experience, especially to a child who is still very young. The effects can vary from manageable language delay to irreversible trauma that he/she may carry for the rest of their lives. It would be best if you prevented that from happening at all costs.

To make sure that your ex realizes the gravity of the situation, take the time to do proper research by talking to your therapist, licensed professionals, and even involved family members. Imploring other people’s aid can sometimes be effective in tearing down the ego of an uninterested ex-husband.

Your child may never realize the sacrifices you’ve made for him/her, but their development and the success they will soon experience is gratification in itself. The satisfaction from seeing your child succeed in life will erase all of the exhaustion and fatigue accumulated from the divorce. Cooperation may come at the cost of humility, but no price is too great for the future of your children.


The best parents are those who’ve sacrificed so much and yet, still smile for their children when they come home. Show your ex that nothing means more to you than your child, and eventually, he’ll come around and act like a father. The key to getting compliance from anyone isn’t about the impact or intensity of the approach but the consistency and patience from experience.

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