5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Bridal Beauty Routine

Getting ready for your wedding is a surprisingly enormous undertaking. Despite weeks of prep, you arrive on your wedding day and still have it all to do. The hair, make-up and dress can take hours to perfect. 

Would you like to jump-start your bridal beauty routine come the big day? Check out the following ways to get a leg up.

Start Whitening Your Teeth Six Weeks Out

Whitening your teeth isn’t merely the latest bridal trend: it’s something that can give you a head start on your beauty regime on the big day. No, it won’t reduce the time you spend fiddling with your make-up, but it can help with all those annoying stains that could show up in your wedding photography

Hit The Weights

Look at any bridal magazine, and you’ll notice something about the brides: they have stunning figures. A fabulous physique doesn’t happen by chance: it requires lots of healthy foods and being more active.

Weightlifting and bridal beauty regimes don’t seem like natural bedfellows, but they are. Building muscle helps to give your body a fabulous shape, toning your arms and legs, and allowing the dress to drape perfectly over your form. 

Prep Your Face The Night Before

Come the morning of your wedding; you want supple, moisturised, line-free skin. Savvy brides, therefore, prep their faces in the weeks running up to the wedding, and the night before. 

Having a great exfoliation routine in the months before the wedding is vital. Exfoliation has a couple of effects. First, it removes dirt from clogged pores, helping them to close up – but you knew that already. The thing that most brides don’t know is that it also encourages the skin to become more youthful and supple. The abrasive action incentivises the skin into maintenance mode, improving its appearance over time.

It’s also wise to apply a night cream on the eve of the wedding, prepping your face for the following day. Night cream reduces fine lines and helps to prep the skin for make-up. 

Get A Healthy Glow

While make-up works wonders, nothing compares to a healthy glow. Instead of hitting the sunbeds which can damage your skin, try eating carotene-rich veggies instead. Sweet potatoes, kale and carrots are all superstars and contain phytonutrients that incorporate into your skin, making it appear brighter and more radiant.

Do A Make-up Practice Run

Most brides like to switch up their make-up for their wedding day. They want something unique and professional befitting of the occasion. The usual boring routine just won’t do. 

The problem, though, is that the results can be disappointing if you’ve never done it before. You might have a fabulous make-up idea in your mind, but pulling it off on first blush can be a challenge. 

Some brides, therefore, like to do a practice run first. They trial the make-up the week before the big day to see what works and what doesn’t. Practice runs allow you to refine your technique and make changes, without the rush on the wedding morning to get it right. 


Guest Author Bio: Wedding photography expert Jeffrey Wang has his own wedding photography studio in Sydney Perfect Moment Photography. He helped hundreds of couples to capture their love stories and the raw emotions and spirit behinds the weddings. In his free time, he writes about love stories, venues and photography tips for known wedding blogs around the globe.

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