6 Signs that It’s Time to See a Professional Counselor

1. You Are Always Blaming Others

Everyone has problems that can make them anxious, anxious people have problems that have to do with the way they feel about themselves, or, they can feel like they always have to be taking care of everyone else. Someone who is anxious about the way he or she feels needs to find a way to feel calm.

When people stay anxious all the time, they are usually experiencing perfectionism. They feel that no matter how hard they try, they are never enough.

So instead of thinking to themselves, “I’m no good,” they can put on a fake smile and say, “No problem, it’s nothing.” If they can keep this up for a long period of time, it can make them anxious all the time.

When someone wants to work on a project or improve a skill or state that they want to lose weight, they are anxious. And when we become anxious over things that do not really matter, it is because we feel we will be criticized if we don’t act the way someone expects us to act.

All it takes is to recognize the way you feel in the moment and then either distract yourself from thinking about it, or just take a deep breath. But in either case, it’s time to see a professional counselor for help.

2. You Take Excessive Risks

When someone is anxious, they can be anxious about the things in their life that they do not have any control over. It is easy for us to see what is bad about our lives and forget the good things that we have in them. When a person becomes anxious, they can easily become hyper vigilant about things that might be worrying them. They begin to make decisions based on how anxious they are feeling. And this makes them take inappropriate risks or step into situations that are much too dangerous.

For example, someone who is anxious might decide to purchase a large amount of stocks, and let that money be invested without any planning or supervision by a financial adviser. They might also take unnecessary risks with their lives or health.

3. You See Distractions as Good

When you get distracted by any of your anxiety, it can cause you to lose focus and can become anxiety-inducing. This means that you might be constantly thinking about the things that are stressing you out. And if you are ever having an anxiety attack, you can continue to think about the things that you are not doing and think that they are more important than getting yourself better.

It can be really difficult for people who are anxious to see a counselor about their problems. So many of them try to hide their problems and do not want to get help. Anxiety can make you feel isolated and if no one else understands why you are feeling this way, you can begin to doubt that you even have problems that are worth talking about.

4. You Can’t Change a Thing

When someone is anxious, they may look at all the things they are anxious about and ask themselves if there is anything that they can do to change them. However, if someone is anxiety-ridden all of the time, they might just feel anxious about life in general. They might say, “I can’t change my job or my work,” or “I can’t change my family or my relationship,” or “I can’t change the way I think about things.”

However, it is possible to change your thoughts. So a person who is anxious and is always worrying about what will happen to them next might try to remind themselves that everything in life is an experience and that you can’t change the past.

It’s also important to understand that we can’t change other people or change our circumstances. All we can do is try to make the best of the situation that we have and to appreciate what we have.

5. You’re Afraid to Say No

A person who is anxious often feels like they are being lazy if they say no. If they say no to going out for a drink or hanging out with friends, they may feel that they should have done it. It can be hard to hear someone tell you to stop going somewhere, especially if it is someone who is a part of your support system.

Because of this fear of saying no, it might be difficult to take care of yourself and take some time to rest and recover. So when someone is anxious, they may just avoid things that they don’t want to do or try to keep doing things that are too much for them.

6. You Pretend You Are Okay

Sometimes a person who is anxious can avoid doing the things that they know will make them feel better. This can make people afraid to say no because they do not want to look weak.

This might mean that you make yourself look sick or use lots of makeup to cover up the signs of anxiety. But this is only going to make you feel worse. A person who is anxious should try to say no to things that make them feel out of control.

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