7 Design Tips for Decorating a Beach House on a Budget

7 Design Tips for Decorating a Beach House on a Budget

This article will go through 7 design tips for decorating your beach house on a budget and give you some practical advice for maximizing what you already have.

1) Apply an Even Coat of Paint

When painting the walls of your beach house, you want to make sure that the paint you are using sticks with the same intensity in all areas. Paint dries unevenly will be noticeable and stand out when it’s time to repaint.

2) Add Blue Hues to a Beach House

The way that blue affects the design of your beach house can have an impact that you may not be aware of. In a blue house, all elements are highlighted and placed on a more prominent level than in a grayish-white or gray-blue beach house. This makes it easier for you to enjoy everything from the view of your patio, and it will help you store items in your kitchen or bathrooms with less clutter.

3) Use Accessories

Regarding beach house design, accessories are often overlooked, but they can make a massive difference if you choose the right items. For instance, you can use the finished look of a wooden table by placing it over styrofoam. This modification makes the wooden table available for outdoor activities and allows storing it indoors when not in use.

4) Keep Light at Bay

Take a house that has large windows and doors with an open feel. It is easy to allow too much light into the room, making it seem more minor than intended. You can remedy this by installing light diffusers or sconces to direct light where you want it or even replacing windows with stained glass.

5) Focal Items Work Well

For example, if you have an area containing a fireplace, try to use it as the room’s focus. Accomplishable by surrounding it with large bookshelves or even artwork. The fireplace will then take center stage and will be able to impact other aspects of design that come after it substantially.

6) Create Original Art

If you are not a talented artist or don’t have the time to create original art, don’t worry because there are ways to bring the craft into your home without hiring an artist. Try using Magazine cutouts as a way to make custom designs for your home and add some color. Cutouts can be hung using pushpins or white tack and moved around as you see fit.

7) Make Space in Corners

When it comes to maximum use of space, you will never be able to do it without creating a way to make corners in your homework. By building up a few walls and using accessories, you can create areas that make adequate living spaces while using less than adequate room. The benefit is that it allows your house to feel larger while keeping it open and airy.

Budgeting for beach house design is a matter of knowing your options and taking advantage of them.

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