7 Ideas for Improving Efficiency in a Catering Trailer

7 Ideas for Improving Efficiency in a Catering Trailer

Whether you are just starting out or looking to change up your established catering business, designing your catering trailer for maximum efficiency is the key to maximizing your success. Using professional businesses is one of the most reliable ways to make sure you are getting the exact design you need, and the following seven ideas will help you make that design as efficient as possible.

1. Keep the large appliances separate from the prep and storage area.

Not including the fridge, all of your larger appliances, especially the ones that conduct heat, will perform better with their own space. This way you are also able to keep most power or gas lines on one side of the trailer, improving the overall safety as well.

2. Have the order and pickup windows as far from the actual cooking as possible.

The least efficient way of running a food business out of a trailer is by having your food runner go back and forth through the kitchen and culinary team to grab orders and give them out. This trick will not only shorten wait times, but it will also keep those working in the truck sane.

3. Include multiple doors for staff to enter and exit the trailer.

Having a door on each side of the trailer will limit traffic within and speed the overall efficiency, especially if you have additional storage on the outside of the trailer. Another benefit of this feature is improved airflow, which anyone who has worked in any kitchen knows is extremely important.

4. Get creative with storage options.

Maximizing the space inside the trailer is crucial to having a successful mobile kitchen. Keep storage options under the cabinets, above the headspace, set into the walls, even on the walls if that option is available to you! Do not be afraid to include magnetic strips on the walls for pans and cutlery that are frequently used, at the end of the day they can go right back into a cupboard.

5. Keep things like condiments, straws, and silverware close to the pickup window.

Customer is key! If it takes too long to grab a customer something simple like these items, it doesn’t matter how quickly their food came out after ordering, they will only perceive the business as inefficient. Eliminate this possibility altogether by keeping these items within arms reach of the order and pickup windows.

6. Design your trailer with as many easy-to-clean surfaces like stainless steel.

Keeping a happy staff will make every aspect of operating the trailer easier and more efficient. Take some of the pressure off of them by making end-of-the-day cleanup a breeze.

7. Make safety your first priority – have a designated, easily accessible spot for your fire extinguisher.

The most efficient businesses have clear and concise safety protocols. Implementing these crucial safety backups into the design of your trailer will ensure that, even during emergencies, a solution will be quick and your business will run at maximum efficiency.

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