7 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Children to Move Homes

7 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Children to Move Homes

You’re going to be moving and know it’s going to be a hectic day. Things may get worse if your kids aren’t up for the move. The good thing is there are seven simple ways to get your kids ready for the move.

1. Be Early

Firstly, you have to tell your kids that you’re going to be moving as soon as you know. Kids can sense something is going on, so there’s no need to hide things. Besides, talking about this early gives your kids a chance to adjust to the idea of moving. Adjusting won’t be easy, so they need time.

2. Be Detailed

It’s important to be as detailed as you can about this move. If they have questions, go ahead and answer them. Tell them the date you’re moving. Let them know what to expect as you pack. They need to know if they’re going to have separate rooms or not. Painting a picture helps with the transition.

3. Excitement Works

Try to find something interesting about this new place that will excite your kids. All they’re thinking about right now is the stuff they’re going to be leaving behind, and that doesn’t help with the transition. Talk about more space, the attic, the lake near your home, whatever you think might get them excited about the move.

4. Address Emotions

One big hurdle you’ll have to address is their emotions. Leaving behind a place they call home is going to stir some emotions, and you need to address those. Read books with them about moving or watch movies so that your kids learn to express what they’re feeling. Doing this will give them a chance to get through this transition.

5. Make a Plan

The next thing you need to do is make a packing plan. This means talking about what to expect and how they’ll be packing up their room. Make sure you have a moving company that’ll help with the packaging materials along with whatever else you’ll need, including a portable moving storage. Work on all this as early as you can and start packing early, too.

6. Be Fun

Be sure to make the move fun for your kids. This means ordering pizza or maybe having ice cream while they pack. It could also mean watching a special movie past bedtime. You could give them special-colored stickers to label their boxes. Each color belongs to a kid; it’s a great way to organize things, and they’ll have fun with it, too.

7. Involve Them

Get your kids involved. Give them a say in the move. Ask them for their opinions on how you’ll be packing everything. The more you get them involved, the better they’ll feel about the move. You’re giving them ownership of the move. In a way, you’re letting it become something that belongs to them. These are the kinds of feelings you want your kids to feel right now.

That’s it. These are some of the best ways you can help get your kids prepared for this move. You can see why starting early is a good thing. You’ve got a lot to do before you start packing, so get started.

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