8 Budget-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone

8 Budget-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone

Once all of the Christmas gifts are wrapped for everyone, you might think that you’re done before the big day arrives. However, there are stockings to be filled and hung with care with items inside that can be used throughout the year. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started that are also budget-friendly.

1. Shower Gifts

An idea for any age is something that can be used in the tub or shower. Steamers are good options for adults who might enjoy a little fragrance while standing under the water as they release scented steam as soon as the hot water hits them. Fun ideas for children include bubble baths or crayons that can be used to write on the tub. There are also bubble baths that are good for adults that can help with keeping the skin moisturized.

2. Lotion

Most people like lotion or could at least use lotion throughout the year. You can search online for lotions that have a calming scent, those that are refreshing, or those that are fun and playful. If you want to take this stocking stuffer to another level, then add a pair of comfortable socks or a body spray in the same scent.

3. Hair Supplies

An assortment of hair supplies can be a good stocking stuffer for any age. You can choose fun brush designs for children, a few hairbows that are fun to use for girls, and some sophisticated items for adults. Think about how the person styles their hair so that you choose something that they can use.

4. Miniature Games

If there’s a game that someone enjoys, you can sometimes find it in a miniature version. If not, there’s typically a similar game available. Cards are an option as well for those who like to play games. Make sure you look at the age range for the games that you get so that children can understand and play them.

5. Jewelry

Even if you put jewelry in your stockings, it doesn’t have to be anything that’s expensive. You can get a few bracelets or a simple necklace for men and women. There are fun designs for children as well that are often bright in color. Some sets for children include a necklace and earrings. If you’re looking for something for a boy or a man, then consider a bracelet or a watch.

6. Gift Cards

A gift card to a favorite restaurant or a store can be a simple stocking stuffer that the person can use at any time. Fast food cards are good for children. A generic gift card that can be used anywhere and that can often be refilled is an option for adults.

7. Books

Books are an idea for any age. A benefit of books is that you can sometimes get them at libraries when they are selling them to make room for new titles or at secondhand stores so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

8. Coupons

While coupons for stores are good to consider, you can also make a book of personal coupons. They could be for a meal that you cook together, a day that you spend doing something fun, or any other activity that you know the person would enjoy.

Stuffing the stockings for Christmas might seem like it’s a difficult task if you aren’t sure what to get for your friends and family. However, with a few simple gifts, you can fill a stocking so that it’s overflowing without digging too deep into your budget.

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