8 Reasons to Wear False Lashes

False lashes are a pair of fake lashes that women usually wear to make their eyelashes look fuller and feathery. Women have been fascinated by these false lashes for their luscious and come-hither looks. You can use these lashes to get a fuller and dramatic look. False lashes have been in fashion for years now, but their quality has far improved from their predecessors.

What Are False Lashes Made Of?

Trying to figure out what type of false lashes would suit you can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many types available, how are you supposed to know which one would work best for you? There are typically six types of artificial lashes: 

Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic lashes are made from human-made materials like plastic and rubber. These lashes often don’t cost much and are shiny and dense. It recommended using these lashes only once as they can cause allergic reactions too.

Human Hair Lashes

These lashes are made from human hair and mimic the natural lash look. They are also very expensive, but they are comfortable and last longer. They give a natural look, too, if applied correctly. 

Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are hand made from the tail of mink, an animal found in the wild. These are the most expensive lashes available in the market. But they are comfortable to wear and give natural-looking, feathery lashes. 

Horse Hair Lashes

Some people still wear these lashes as they are lighter and softer than some other lashes. They are made from horsehair, particularly from the tail part, are expensive, and look natural. It is best for people who want to rock a dramatic look but want a cruelty-free option. Horse lashes go through an ultraviolet process to kill microbes and contagious agents.

Faux Mink Lashes

Faux Mink lashes are a premium type of synthetic lashes that mimic the real mink lashes. It is a vegan-friendly option made from plastic fibers to make them look more natural.

Silk Lashes

Sill lashes are light in weight, more elegant, and more flexible. They are available in different lengths. They are also made from synthetic material, adding a silky sheen to them and are best for special occasions.

Benefits of Wearing False Lashes

Women always want to look on point and beautiful, whether it’s about their dress or makeup. However, some women have short eyelashes; this is where false eyelashes come to use and help them look beautiful. Below are some of the reasons to wear false lashes.

Suitable for Your Natural Eyelashes

Applying a mascara or an eyeliner directly on your natural lashes makes them brittle and weak. False lashes benefit your natural lashes by working as an alternative for your real lashes, making them grow healthier and thicker.

Go for a Wear-Proof Makeup

During heartwarming occasions like weddings or when watching a tear-jerking movie, false lashes can save you from spreading your mascara or eyeliner. These lashes are best for such times where your emotions can be easily triggered.

Choose Less Is More

On days when you want to look simple and follow natural makeup, false lashes can be your go-to option. They enhance your eyes and draws attention to them by adding length and color to them.

Overcome the Morning Rush

Doing your makeup in a hurry early in the morning rush is tiresome, but thanks to false lashes, you can look prettier in half the time with little effort.

Give Your Look the Extra Oomph 

False lashes can you that dramatic look, which can make you a head-turner when you want to! False lashes create an impact that is far greater than wearing your usual makeup. Put on your falsies when you want to look extra fabulous!

Draw Attention to Your Best Features

Eyes are the first thing that captures attention. You can easily add dimension to your eye shape and enhance their structure feeling more confident about putting your natural beauty in the spotlight. You never have to worry about your problem areas as your eyes would be more than enough to capture everyone’s attention.

Defy the Signs of Aging

First signs of aging often become visible near the eye area, stripping away your youthful look. Good thing, there’s a way to keep your eyes from looking aged and tires without any surgery, thanks to false lashes. With these lashes, you can hide the signs of aging and stress, giving a more vibrant, younger, and fresh look.

Be Camera-Ready!

Pictures are an essential aspect of any occasion, and you cannot afford to look less than fabulous for the photo sessions. During an event when your makeup starts to fade, you can be sure that your eyes will look on point and remain beautiful for the camera and look gorgeous in the whole event. You can go from a simple natural look to glamorous in an instant with false lashes. Using these lashes is quite amazing once you warm to their charms. They don’t clump, stick together, or smear. They’re easy to handle, giving you an instant gorgeous, entirely separated and luscious lashes.

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