A Guide to Treating Melasma: What you Need to Know

Also known as ‘the mask of pregnancy’, melasma is hyper-pigmentation of the skin that is exposed to the sun and usually if found on the face, neck and arms. While this condition can affect anyone, it is more common in women, especially when pregnant and can be caused by genetic disposition, changes in hormone levels, sunlight and also skin irritation. 

Unknown Factors

The bad news is that the exact cause is not known and there is no cure, although a dermatologist can effectively treat the condition. Take melasma removal by QR8 Mediskin as an example; you can have a professional skin care specialist work with you via video conferencing, which is perfect during the current pandemic and after gathering some information, the dermatologist manufactures a batch of special skin cream, which is delivered to your door. Because there are so many variables with melasma, any off-the shelf treatments are generally ineffective, as the ingredients are not medical grade, but when you enlist the professional services of a qualified dermatologist in an online capacity, you get a personal solution in the form of a treatment plan that includes a prescription skin cream made just for you.

Custom Treatment

Australia’s leading skincare provider has created an online portal for melasma treatment whereby the patient communicates with the expert via Zoom video calls, plus a detailed questionnaire is completed by the patient, who also uploads a few digital images of affected skin areas. Once all the data is in, the skin doctor manufactures a special batch of skin cream and puts together a treatment plan that is delivered via video conference, with ongoing support for the duration of the treatment.

Potential Causes

As mentioned earlier, the exact cause of melasma is not known, although there are some theories; stimulated cells in the dermal layer create melanin that causes dark skin pigmentation to form and this is believed to be accelerated by the UV in sunlight. Birth control pills can also trigger the onset of melasma, as these drugs affect the delicate hormone balance and if a woman suffers with this condition and she is taking birth control medication, this would need to be replaced by another form of contraceptive, which should eliminate the melasma. Here are a few tips on how to use turmeric to make you look years younger.


Fortunately, melasma is not known to be cancerous and the dark patches of skin are the only result; these markings are often symmetrical and can appear on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck and arms – skin that is exposed to the sun. These discolourations can expand over time, especially if combined with skin irritation and by having a video consultation with a skincare expert, you will receive a special prescription cream, along with ongoing support to ensure maximum benefit from the treatment. Click here for government information on a range of skin conditions.

A Google search will help you find a skincare provider that can effectively treat melasma and you can regain your self-esteem with a clear complexion.

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