A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries A Gun Citation

A Peaceful Woman continues to speak publicly about the reasons why she has chosen to become a responsible armed citizen. It can be argued that since the early ‘90s, the term “Carrying a Concealed Weapon” has been misused by “anti-gun folks” who don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

She Said That a Gun Gave Her A False Sense Of Power, And That Carrying A Gun Changed Who She Was.

Guns are becoming more popular with women, and more women are becoming interested in learning how to use them. In fact, nearly half of all women — 46 percent — now say they have a gun in the household, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. And that’s not just because they’re getting guns for their husbands or boyfriends. Women are buying them for themselves, too.

At first, she said, she felt empowered by carrying a gun. She felt like a tough woman who could protect herself and her family from any threat. But after six months of carrying a handgun on her hip in public places, she said, she became increasingly aware of how the presence of firearms changes the dynamics between people.

She also learned that when you carry a gun with you all the time, there’s no such thing as an accident — even if you’re just showing it off to your friends or cleaning your weapon at home.

She Said That Having a Gun Made Her More Likely To Act Aggressively And To Make Decisions Based On Fear.

In her book, A Peaceful Woman, author Emily Yoffe describes how she went from being a “gun-phobic” woman to owning a gun and carrying it with her everywhere she goes.

She said that having a gun made her more likely to act aggressively and to make decisions based on fear.

“If you have a gun in your pocket,” she writes, “you’re more likely to put yourself in harm’s way when you don’t need to.”

She also says that being armed can lead people to think they need to shoot first rather than assess the situation first.

She Said That Sometimes When She Felt Threatened, Her Body Reacted with Fight-Or-Flight Responses Even When There Wasn’t Any Danger.

A woman has been carrying a gun for protection for over 20 years, and she shares her story with you. She says that sometimes when she felt threatened, her body reacted with fight-or-flight responses even when there wasn’t any danger.

She said that she was once in a situation where someone tried to break into her car while she was inside of it. She said that she had just left work and stopped at a gas station on the way home. She was sitting in her car with the window down when someone tapped on her window. She looked up and saw an older man standing outside of her car. He asked if he could use her phone because his had died. He said he lived nearby, and he would give it back as soon as he got home.

The woman said that something about him didn’t feel right so she declined his offer and told him to go someplace else where he might find someone willing to help him out with his problem. When he continued to ask if he could use the phone, she became concerned for her safety because she didn’t know this man or where he lived or anything about him really except for what he was saying about himself at that moment which may have been not true at all.

She Says That Self-Defense Classes, Martial Arts and Pepper Spray Are Much More Useful Than A Gun For Self-Defense.

A woman who has a gun for self-defense says that she carries one because she’s worried about being attacked by a man. She says that self-defense classes, martial arts and pepper spray are much more useful than a gun for self-defense.

The woman says that she knows how to use her gun because she took a class at a shooting range. She says that she doesn’t know how to use martial arts or pepper spray because those skills are harder to learn than shooting a gun.

The woman says that if someone attacks her with a knife or another weapon, she’ll aim for the attacker’s arm or hand so he can’t fight back with it anymore. She says that this is safer than aiming for his chest or head, which could kill him instead of just stopping him from fighting.

The woman says that if someone attacks her with their hands and feet instead of weapons, she’ll aim for their face or groin area so they can’t hurt her anymore either way.


A peaceful, non-violent person can be trained to use any weapon available for defending herself and her loved ones. And a woman is more capable of self-defense than most men, even if she has never used a weapon or picked up a boxing glove. A gun is just one form of self defense, and to really defend yourself, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of all forms of self-defense—including guns.

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