A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Gun

A Woman's Guide to Buying a Gun

If you’re a woman planning to buy a firearm, there are so many factors to consider. Deciding which gun that best suits your situation takes time and a little bit of research. While a woman’s life will not solely depend on a gun, the truth is that in an emergency or disaster situation, it can be a lifesaver. Every self-defense situation is different, and there is no one gun suitable for all situations. As a woman, you need to find an easy-to-use, reliable, comfortable gun that makes you feel safe. If you’re contemplating a firearm purchase, follow this guide to help you make an informed decision.

Determine what the Firearm’s Intended Use Is

The first thing to figure out is the reason and the type of gun you intend to buy. Are you looking for a pistol, shotgun, or rifle? Do you intend to use it for self-defense, serious competition, or for fun on the range? These are vital aspects that will help you establish which firearm is a logical choice. Also, remember that all guns are not designed equal. Some are complicated, and others are simple and easy-to-use.

Notably, there are firearms for almost every purpose, size, comfort level, and budget. If you want to be in more control of your gun, consider choosing an 80% lowers, which allows you to buy 80 percent of your gun and complete it yourself. This allows you to save time, hassle, and money, as well as add custom features to build the gun of your dreams.

Practice is the Key

If you’re a first-time gun-user, don’t purchase a gun and tuck it into a closet or a safe and forget about it. Consistent practice builds confidence and proficiency. Additionally, if you intend to use your gun for self-defense, you will be charged with adrenaline, leading to lost muscle skills. For that reason, it’s recommended you go to a gun range, hire and shoot different types of handguns before making a final purchase decision. That is the best way to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Take a Handgun Safety Course

Safety should be your top priority always. It doesn’t matter your skill level, safe gun handling isn’t optional, and you want to ensure that you and everyone around you are safe. Remember always to keep your index finger away from the trigger unless you intend to shoot. Check if the gun is loaded before you start using it, and never point it to something if you don’t plan to kill. Better still, consider taking professional firearm training in a local gun range, especially if you are a new gun buyer. Professional training will equip you with the confidence and information you need to choose the right gun.

Choose the Right Size

Regardless of your gun’s purpose, avoid buying a firearm that is too big or too small. Ensure your gun is of an appropriate size and can fit your hand without much pressure. Too much or too little space in the trigger will affect your accuracy levels. So be sure you can access the trigger comfortably using the middle of the pad on the trigger finger. Other important considerations include the gun’s weight, grip, and ability to control it when firing.

Don’t Buy a Gun Just Because Your Partner or Someone Else Recommends it

Getting talked into purchasing a particular gun could be a big mistake. Take your time and shop around to grow your knowledge base. Try different gun types and sizes before you buy and ensure it is a perfect fit in function, feel, and comfort. Similarly, the gun you choose must meet your needs and budget and make you happy.

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