Absorbent Period Pants vs. Using a Menstrual Cup

Only a few years ago the whole business of menstruation was shielded in embarrassment and shame. And although all women have periods this whole billion-dollar industry was designed to never mention this perfectly normal and sometimes inconvenient part of every woman’s life. Women tended to put up with their menstruation issues and to shut up about it, buying their monthly supplies and just getting on with it. 

Most women use tampons and sanitary towels; single-use products that eventually end up in landfills. For millions of women, this has been the norm, but more recently new products have come onto the market that seems to have revolutionized period products. Period pants and menstrual cups seem to offer a safe, convenient, and more comfortable alternative to tampons and towels, as well as cut down on costs and landfills.

Period pants have been described as the answer to menstrual landfill and women’s prayers. Period pants are reusable and washable and provide greater security and comfort to wearers. Now, most of the major clothing chains and pharmacy brands are offering period pants as an alternative to tampons and single-use towels.

Period pants are close-fitting pants designed from an absorbent material that traps moisture and prevents leakage. They are usually composed of a three-layer system that wicks away moisture so the wearer feels dry, a middle layer that absorbs blood, and a third layer that protects against leakage. 

For young girls who find tampon use problematic right through to older women who often experience intensely heavy bleeding as they approach menopause, period pants offer a safe and secure alternative to traditional sanitary wear. Period pants are easy and comfortable to wear as well as provide discreet period protection. Following use, they can be rinsed in cold water and washed in the washing machine.

Menstrual cups have been around for a long time and this method of sanitary protection does have many fans. The menstrual cup is a soft flexible cup that is worn internally and simply emptied once it is full. According to users, you cannot feel it and it is comfortable. Easy to rinse out, the menstrual cup is a good alternative to single-use towels and tampons. 

The downside to the menstrual cup is that some women have complained that is fiddly to use. In addition, there is a risk of spilling the full cup, which could be awkward if you are changing it away from home.

If you are considering your sanitary protection Genial Day is an American company you can trust. The brand includes its own menstrual cup manufactured from silicon-free soft TPE which offers 12 hours of protection. The Genial Day Menstrual Cup is extremely easy to use and because it can be cleaned easily without the use of a washing machine, it is extremely environmentally friendly and economical. 

Period pants vs. using a menstrual cup? Both methods are certainly worth trying and both offer an economical and ecological alternative to traditional single use products. 

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