Best COVID Safe Debit Card Processing for Restaurants

If you haven’t updated your debit card processing procedures yet, it’s time to make a change. There is a dangerous virus making its rounds, and now is not the time to be lax about protecting your customers and staff members. You should put just as much thought into how you’ll minimize the risk of COVID spread as you put into how to minimize your credit card surcharge.

When you properly protect your establishment and consumers, you reduce your chances of dealing with an outbreak that can be traced back to your business. You also minimize your risk of being subject to lawsuits when you do everything you can to make your transaction processes are safe. If you’re looking for the best COVID-safe debit card processing system, here’s why you should consider a Clover station.


Small credit card processing tools are essential for transactions today because they are easily portable, which makes it easier for your staff to maintain their distance while customers complete their credit or debit charge transactions. Portable debit card processing machines are especially important for restaurants that offer drive-through services. Since they can be easily held out the window, they make it possible for customers to pay for their purchases without handing their debit cards to your employees.


If you’re looking for a Clover Flex for sale, you’re engaging in a wise purchasing decision. This machine has a history of reliability and is ideal for use during uncertain COVID-19 times. The machine itself is made with quality materials that are designed to last. If you want a card processor that can withstand consistent use, this one is a great investment. To avoid a credit card surcharge, you can encourage customers to pay with their debit cards.

Built-in Receipt Printer

Some smaller POS systems don’t print out their own receipt paper, but Clover stations do. This helps save time and makes it easier for your employees to give receipts to customers without ever coming in direct contact with the receipt paper.

Contactless Payment Capabilities

Some Clover systems allow for contactless payment capabilities. This means the customer and employee never have to come in direct contact with each other throughout the transaction process. While COVID is such a big concern, contactless payment capabilities are essential. They can not only help everyone feel safer, but minimize the spread of germs.

Long Battery Life

Portable payment processors need to have long-lasting batteries in order to be effective. The Clover Flex system has an 8-hour battery life, which is long enough to last through an entire shift. Other Clover systems have similarly long battery charges, which make them perfect for restaurant use. The Flex system is ideal for both mobile POS and countertop setups.

If you’ve been searching for ways to help slow the spread of COVID in your establishment, a secure and portable debit card processing system is essential. It will make it easier for your employees to avoid coming in direct contact with your customers, and vice versa. It also speeds up transactions and makes it easy for customers to pay when they’re ready.

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