Best Ways to Treat Cockroach Infestations in Your Apartment

No one literally wants to fight with any type of bug or cockroach in their home. Unwanted pests like termites, ants, and cockroaches not only make your place unhygienic and bad, but they can also be responsible for some irreparable damage to your possessions as well. Perhaps the most troublesome and annoying pests are some that can lead to real nightmares for families, which are cockroaches and bed bugs. Once you are affirmative about the cockroach infestation, you can call roach control Philadelphia PA.

Here are a few signs you must look for to confirm the cockroach infestation- 

Let us give you a fun fact, a cockroach can survive underwater for a span of more than 30 minutes and can also live for up to seven days without its head in the place. Similarly, the bed bugs are also terrifying pests you ever came across. As these pests are so terrifying and irritating, it is imperative to hire a qualified exterminator who can help you in getting rid of these pests. However, to make sure that you have any of these pests in your house or not, you can look for three signs. 

Cockroach droppings

These pests leave their droppings wherever they go, and they are easy to spot droppings, and it looks precisely like coffee grounds or black pepper. However, bigger roaches leave pellet-sized droppings that one can spot from far away. The number of droppings you find in your home, the higher the infestation to deal with. Talking about bed bugs, the first sign is red itchy bites on your body either when you leave the bed in the morning or any other time. These bugs leave their bite marks in the form of small lies covered by red areas on the skin. 

Foul smell 

With even the presence of a single cockroach, your house can smell horrible, but a bunch of them will make your place stink in no time, and you need to call for help immediately. You need to pay attention to your house odor, and if you smell any strange greasy and musty smells in the home, then it’s time to make the call.

Inspect the rooms

The last thing you must do to be sure about the infestation is inspect your house, room by room, thoroughly. Look under the bed, mattress, and close. See if you find cockroaches in your kitchen or in the drawing-room. You will then need to find the best cockroach stompers near you to solve the problem. 

Here’s how you can get rid of the cockroach infestation-

Kill cockroaches and their eggs

This indicates that their nests would more than likely be located near plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom, within cabinet holes, under filing cabinets, and within just underneath equipment. You may even detect cockroach feces near the nest, or you can use your nose to check it out — many cockroach nests have such a heavy, terrible smell.

You should destroy both the cockroaches as well as the cockroach eggs to remove a cockroach infestation successfully. one can eliminate cockroaches with a variety of pesticides and other chemicals that leave no mess or smells. They work by luring cockroaches to all the bait stations, where they consume the bait, returning to the shelter, and die, poisoning other cockroaches and eggs. To secure your homes for up to 3 months, literally put a few baits throughout your home in dark, warm areas with humidity.

Area with moisture

Since cockroaches are drawn to humidity, reduce the average moisture levels in your home. It is important to prevent further infestations. Stop leaving water out (dog dishes, half-empty cups, etc.) and scrub off any moist areas, such as the bathtub or kitchen sink. After each application, wipe down the floors as well as vanity sinks with a microfiber cloth to guarantee they are completely dry. Check for just about any open drains in the bathroom (as well as your laundry room) and replace metal drain screens with rubber drain covers at night to prevent cockroaches from entering your house.

Call the professionals

Roach infestations are severe, particularly if they’re infesting a property that provides you with a source of income. Take action as soon as you suspect a cockroach infestation, and if the work is too huge for you to do yourself, don’t be afraid to hire a professional. Waiting a long time may result in a deteriorating infestation or, more specifically, a significant health risk to you or your tenants.

Well, it is possible that along with pest infestation, you may face rodent infestation, so you need to be very careful about that too. In that case, you must look for a rat exterminator near me online and hire the best at an affordable rate immediately. 

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