Break/Fix, Outsourcing, or In-House: Which IT Solution Is Best for My Business?

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Choosing the right IT services for your organization can be crucial in determining the long term sustainability and growth potential your business has. Whether you are a small start-up with one or two employees or an international franchise with branches all over the world, IT support needs to be tailored to the needs and demands of your business. 

There are three main types of IT solutions, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on which solution is best for your company will depend on numerous factors including the application of technology in your industry, the dependence on IT to create profit, the need for specialist knowledge, and the cost you can afford for a working IT solution. 

Here are some of the main features of each solution alongside an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses for different business types. 

Break/Fix Services

A break/fix service is an IT solution that means an organization only engages with an IT solutions company when their IT has broken down and requires repairs or upgrades. The business will usually engage the IT company on an hourly rate and will only pay for the time taken to repair or upgrade a device. 

This system is usually a low-cost method as there are no ongoing expenses required. However, the solution is not suitable if you are constantly reliant on your IT. Waiting for a device to break down before repairing it may mean you are working with outdated technology, and devices are not being proactively maintained for best performance. 


  • No ongoing costs. Only pay when a device needs to be fixed. 
  • Simple to understand and no need for extraneous communication with IT company


  • Not proactive. Fixes only happen when the device is not working well. 
  • Can be costly if you have a major IT breakdown or malfunction
  • No ongoing support

The solution may be useful if you only use IT for simple tasks such as word processing or basic spreadsheets. However, if your company owns several devices it may be more efficient to have an ongoing contract with an IT solutions company that can maintain your devices on an ongoing basis.  

Outsourced MSP

Outsourced Managed Service Providers are IT solutions companies that provide ongoing IT support for organizations in their day to day running of their business. 

Outsourced MSP engages experts will proactively manage your IT systems, ensuring they are updated with the latest software developments and protection from cyberattacks. Outsourced IT systems allow you to speak to experts who can design an IT system for your business and are on hand to advise you on its use. 


  • You can budget easily as the cost for IT support is stipulated in a contract
  • You can have expert advice whenever needed without the cost of a full-time in-house team
  • A major breakdown or malfunction will be dealt with quickly at no extra cost


  • You will have an ongoing cost
  • If you deal with highly specialist devices or software related to your industry, an Outsourced MSP may not be completely familiar with its operations. 

Outsourced Managed Service Providers are an excellent way to ensure you have up-to-date IT support tailor-made for your operations without incurring the cost of an in-house team. Outsourced MSP’s are a valuable option for small and medium-sized businesses who rely on strong IT systems in their business. 

In-house IT team

An in-house IT team can usually only be afforded by large companies as the cost of employing an expert team is too expensive for most small and medium-sized enterprises. An in-house IT team is usually utilized by companies who predominantly conduct their business through IT interfaces and where the employee’s need for IT support is constant. 


  • The in-house team will become experts in your business and the IT demands.
  • An in-house team will be solely focussed on ensuring your business has a high performing IT system. 


  • An in-house team is costly as you need to pay their salaries
  • An in-house expert may not be as aware of general IT developments as a dedicated IT solutions company. 

An in-house team may be useful if you deal with incredibly specialist IT equipment. However, for most businesses, an outsourced MSP can offer the same level of expert support at a reduced cost. 

Whatever your business, think carefully about the IT solution that is right for you. Contact a reliable and trusted IT solutions company and ask them to give you a quote for managed services. This quote will allow you to evaluate the cost against the cost of an in-house team or the potential expenses a major IT breakdown could cost your business. 

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