Children’s Books Featured at The BookFest Spring 2022

It’s time to mark your calendar for The BookFest Spring 2022 on April 2nd and 3rd. It is a chance for fun for the entire family to gather ’round and watch panels that inform both the reader and writer. This online book event has something for every reader or aspiring writer, including the children’s lit panel “The Magic Behind Illustrated Children’s Books”. We have compiled a shortlist of the children’s books that will be at the event you can check out before the event. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to find a book we are sure your little ones will love.

The Sweetest LadyBug – The Cutest Story of 2022

Isabel and Zeke Cintra’s “The Sweetest Ladybug.” We meet a curious, sweet, and intelligent girl named Johana who shrinks to a size of a ladybug. Johana discovers all the mysteries and beauties hiding in her own garden! This book makes children imagine if everything happening in their imaginations also happens in real life.

What adventures will she discover? Find out in the BookFest’s Spring 2022.

Project Adventure Series – For The Adventure Seeker Child in All of Us

The Project Adventure Series by David Konrad is for your family’s pre-teen, middle schooler. These action-packed and fun-filled mysteries explore the world for his relatable and fun characters. With lessons about bullies, being kind to animals, and more, this series not only appeals to young readers but their parents too.

If you and your kids are looking for an action-packed, fun-filled, and mysterious ride, check out the Project Adventure Series and its world of thrill-seeking characters.

Snoodles, Kiddodles, Poodles, And Lots and Lots of Noodles – As Fun to Read as The Title is to Say

3)In Steven Joseph’s latest book, “Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, And Lots And Lots Of Noodles.” Readers are transported to a world where crankiness reigns and cars run on sauerkraut, comes an invention that changes everything: the SnoodleMobile, the brainchild of Herbie Snoodleman. Now cars are powered by noodles, and the delicious aroma produced fills everyone with happiness. However, one person does not enjoy the clear sky and clean air: Sour Croodleman, the creator of the once-popular Kraut Mobile. And when he seeks revenge on Herbie Snoodleman, something terrible happens. (After all, anything is possible when cars run on noodles). To go into Steven Joseph’s brain and join him at the BookFest where one can enter a world where imagination can solve any challenge, and even the crankiest person can find happiness. Join us at the BookFest!

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