Doggy Dining: My Dog Can’t Get Enough of the BarxBuddy Training Treats: Peanut Butter Recipe

BarxBuddy Peanut Butter Recipe

Watching your dog learn new tricks and become more receptive to training is an incredible thing to witness. Once they get the hang of responding to commands, you can easily teach them any trick that you like. And the best way to improve the speed at which they learn new tricks is by getting them the best treats. 

I can certainly tell you from experience that my dog has taken a very keen interest in training now that I’ve started using BarxBuddy’s peanut butter recipe training treats. Not only does he absolutely love the taste of peanut butter, but he’s even excited about the next time we train. 

Treat, Train, Repeat  

BarxBuddy believes in the motto Treat, Train, and Repeat trying to train dogs. So regardless of what you are training them to do, you first need the right type of treats to motivate your little pupper. Positive reinforcement can go a long way in training your dog, and it is most effective when you give them their favorite treat: peanut butter. 

BarxBuddy’s training treats do not contain any preservatives and are free from Xylitol. Xylitol is a common compound that companies use in peanut butter, as it is the closest alternative to sugar. Even though sugar is five percent sweeter than Xylitol, the latter only has 60% of the calories found in sugar. 

But even though it can be great for you if you are looking to consume fewer calories, it can be extremely toxic to dogs. Even the smallest amount can cause seizures, reduce blood sugar, and even lead to liver failure. 

With no preservatives or toxic ingredients, my dog can’t seem to get enough of these Peanut Butter treats. 

What else is in Peanut Butter BarxBuddy Training Treats 

Other than the added benefit of not including preservatives, I learned that the BarxBuddy training treats contain great ingredients. Each treat contains natural peanut butter flavor, molasses, chickpea flour, and coconut glycerin. They also contain potato flour and ground peanuts, which combine to make a very tasty and healthy treat. 

None of the ingredients can hurt your dog or cause them any distress. With a lack of preservatives and natural ingredients, it is possibly the safest treat I could give my dog during training. 

Enforcing Positive Behavior

BarxBuddy believes that positive reinforcement is possibly the best way to enforce positive behavior. If you use these treats and consistently make them follow certain rules, they will be able to perform the actions that you want. Furthermore, the better the treat, the more willing a dog will be to learn new tricks. So when using the BarxBuddy training treats, my dog has been able to learn plenty of new tricks. 

Why Do I Prefer the BarxBuddy Training Treats Over Anything Else?

I have been successful in training my dog using Barxbuddy products such as their dog training device and training treats. While their use of safe and healthy ingredients and lack of preservatives can convince anyone, it is their money-back guarantee that really sold me the product. Say if you bought the product and do not like it as much, you can easily send it back within thirty days. 

BarxBuddy takes their quality very seriously and will not settle for anything less than my full satisfaction. So even if I ended up not liking their product as much, I could easily send it back for a full refund within 30 days. I quite liked this gesture, as it showed me that they really care about me and my little companion’s satisfaction. 

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