Dr. Frances Gilman: Making A Positive Impact With Socati

In today’s complex world, combining business and science into a successful endeavor takes a special set of skills and abilities. This is especially true of those businesses that stress being environmentally-friendly, since there are numerous challenges associated with this area. However, for researchers such as Dr. Frances Gilman, finding success in the business world has been one of the best examples of how perseverance and commitment can lead to new and innovative ideas.

Trained as a microbiologist, Dr. Gilman originally earned her PhD and chose to go to Greenland in an effort to conduct studies on climate change. Focusing on how microorganisms played a role in changing the world’s climate, she made many fascinating discoveries during her studies. However, along the way, she decided to explore other opportunities. Thus, when a chance arose to apply for a microbiologist position with Missoula, MT company Blue Marble Biomaterials, Dr. Gilman decided to explore this unique situation. Upon applying, she was shortly thereafter offered the position, which she accepted.

Soon after beginning her work at Blue Marble, Dr. Gilman found out the company was in the process of being acquired by Socati, a company focusing on hemp extraction and the CBD industry. Since Blue Marble was involved in manufacturing natural and sustainable compounds for such sectors as cosmetics, fragrances, and specialty foods, the transition was a smooth one. Choosing to stay on as a consulting microbiologist, Dr. Gilman also now found herself in a prominent position as a company executive.

Due to the majority of Blue Marble staff being retained by Socati, Dr. Gilman was given the task of not only determining how best to use each person’s talents and abilities in the new work setting, but also how to improve the company’s manufacturing techniques. To do so, she focused primarily on Good Manufacturing Practice and Safe Quality Food programs. By laying the groundwork for improvements in these and other areas, she has been credited with helping the company gain a reputation for producing high-quality products such as non-detectable THC.

To ensure the company lives up to its goal of producing environmentally-friendly products, Dr. Frances Gilman has made many changes along the way. For example, she and her team are carefully examining the types of solvents used in the hemp extraction process. Whereas many companies in the industry use petroleum-based solvents during the extraction process, Socati chooses to instead use bio-based solvents. In addition to this change in the manufacturing process, Dr. Gilman and her staff are also committed to cutting down significantly on industrial waste that is left over from the extraction process. Referred to as sidestreams, this waste is now used to help in the creation of new and innovative products, demonstrating the creativity used by Dr. Gilman.

Due to her surprising success in the business world, many other companies and business organizations are now wanting to tap into Dr. Gilman’s expertise and business knowledge. As a result, she often gives speeches and lectures to organizations featuring many of today’s most prominent and up-and-coming female business owners and executives. Realizing she is looked upon as a role model by many women, she makes every effort to let other women know they too can achieve anything they wish in business, science, or other career areas, so long as they never give up and continue to believe in themselves. 

As she progresses in her career, Dr. Frances Gilman continues to use her science expertise to develop new and innovative ideas. With the hemp and CBD industries continuing to gain in popularity, she has no doubt her company is on the right track with its current business plan.

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