Embodiment Coach Natalie MacNeil Is Leading A New Paradigm of Coaching

Coaching has been a very male-dominated industry in the past but that’s shifting now because of coaches like Natalie MacNeil taking a different, more embodied approach. It’s time to embrace our bodies as a source of wisdom and intelligence to reach our full potential.

Meet The Embodiment Queen

Natalie MacNeil is the founder of the  Transformational Embodiment Coach Certification program.

This ‘transformer of our generation’ is also an Emmy-Award winning media entrepreneur and best-selling author of five books. 

Natalie believes that for too long, coaching has been rooted in masculine archetypes and the notion of “mindset is everything.” She says, “this dominant view, which places cognitive and materially-driven approaches above all else, is the very belief that’s holding us back from realizing our fullest potential as multi-faceted beings.”

She believes that for transformation to be long lasting, it has to be embodied physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and mentally.

By engaging multiple modalities and every facet of one’s being, her Transformational Embodiment Coaching Method is a holistic methodology that bridges the gaps between being and doing, feeling and thinking, heart and mind, subjective and objective, the feminine and the masculine.

It’s the key to lasting transformation, instead of temporary changes in state, habits, and ways of being.

The following are five  facets of our being  that Natalie focuses on in the transformational process to support her clients in embodying their potential, purpose, and power.


The physical  facet of our being is the body identified with the flesh and the bones. Embodiment at this level is  our posture or physical expression, and physical expression of the quality you must have to achieve your dreams and desires.


The energy facet  draws in universal energy to revitalize and stimulate the physical body.natural body systems. Our chakras and meridians are contained in the energetic body, as described in eastern medicine.

Embodiment on this level may look like tuning into the chakra that corresponds to the traits you are looking to embody.


Our emotional facet of being is responding, or sometimes reacting, to the world around us and the people and situations we are relating to.

Here, embodiment is attuning our thoughts and feelings to the state we want to take.


Our spiritual facet of being is connected to everyone and everything. Here, identities are shed. 

Here, all that is left is to be that which you are. It means that you are love rather than loving, humility rather than humble, and so on.

Of Course Mindset Matters Too

The mental facet of being includes our thoughts and knowledge.

At this mindset level, which is still important, just not more important than any other facet,  embodiment means taking on the identity and worldview of the quality or trait you are taking on. At this level, it is advisable to pose a question of yourself and wait for an answer. Deeper core coaching and introspect work on this level. 


Transformational embodiment is an emerging, multi-modality methodology that focuses on all the five mentioned above; mind, body, soul, emotions, and energy field. Natalie has over a decade of experience in the coaching and transformational space. If you want a new paradigm of personal development and know the secret in the life you want, try embodiment coaching. You can connect to Natalie MacNeil for more information. 

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