Explore the Myriad Custom Wall Letters and Lettering Styles for Your Business Place

When you plan to use wall lettering for your business, the first thing that you need to bear in mind is the type of business and then the type of property. The sign material could be acrylic, aluminum, banner, alupanel, coroplast, corrugated plastic, decal, digital, or plain dimensional letters.

You also have stellar options of glass, paper, polystyrene plastic, vinyl, wood, and magnetic lettering. The metal ones include stainless steel or steel. The illuminated ones include Neon, LED, and electrical styles. 

  • Your first step is to fix the environment. It could be a building, counter, door, display tables for functions, floor and pavement, landscape, furniture, pole, wall, window, or any specialty item. 
  • If you want your wall letters to be outstanding in terms of appeal and message, make them in compliance with your industry. 
  • Different industries have different preferences of wall letters. Accounting services, advertising agencies, athletic organizations, architectural firms, car dealerships, commercial real estate, auto repair services, and banks and credit unions are some prominent examples. 

Popular office wall letters

Reception wall graphics showcase vinyl graphics at its best. It’s a popular choice in industrial plants and warehouses. 

  • The 3M vinyl graphics can enhance most walls, which include textured ones. 
  • Although least expensive, the reception wall graphics look stunning from a distance, making your signage at your business headquarters or showroom unique. 
  • The foam office wall letters are also popular. Many customers prefer the look and feel of plastic/acrylic for this wall lettering. 
  • If you want more jazz, you can laminate the piece to foam. You don’t need CNC routers for creating a stunning office wall letter. 
  • There are companies that provide 5 acrylic colors. The density foam is 2 inches in thickness.

If you’re fond of acrylic, you can use them as office area letters. It’s an ideal choice for your college or university history wall. You use a laser for cutting the acrylic logo and letters, and use standoffs from bringing them out from the surface or wall. 

These types of reception wall letters are available in more than 10 different pigmented colors (acrylic). If your business needs a company PMS shade for its reception wall lettering, you go for the back painted and clear color. 

Application of foam

You use reception wall letters for office wall signs. They look perfect behind a reception desk or front area desk. They are ideal for offices, lobbies, attorney offices, and medical centers. 

  • If it’s a premium wall lettering in some lobby, you normally manufacture it from 13-15lb polystyrene foam. Y
  • You can sandwich the foam between two slim acrylic vinyl surfaces. You can then top it with a metal or acrylic laminate. You’ll find that the premium and posh foam wall letter’s front or face is devoid of blemish. 
  • It remains uniform and is puncture and dent-resistant. 
  • From reception areas and in-store displays to your office exhibitions and events, your interior décor and signage project can be outstanding. 

With foam wall lettering, you have an elegant display of letters. The foam has top-class density and is not typically spongy. It has smooth sides.

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