Feeling Empowered at Work

5 Ways To Make Workers Feel Empowered At Their Jobs

When people become empowered, they are more likely to accomplish a task since they gain the confidence that is necessary to succeed. Empowering workers means the act of companies providing workers with all the necessary tools for ensuring success.

Empowering workers improves employee retention, leads to greater creativity, encourages employee motivation, and instills greater trust in leadership. Ultimately, a company is able to capitalize on the maximum potential of its workers.

The following are 5 ways through which workers can be empowered:

1. Rewarding Best Performers

Recognition of hard work is an important part of empowering workers. A system that can recognize the best performers should be created and they should be rewarded by being given opportunities to try new things and input on how to improve their jobs.

When workers become capable of doing great work, they will become eager to put in more effort to earn recognition and feel more empowered at their job.

2. Giving Workers Power

This removes the burden on the company and centralizes power within one person or group of people who can act autonomously within the company’s structure. Employees are able to create opportunities within their roles and shape the way the company does business.

Workers are also empowered and feel like they’re a part of the team and that their input is appreciated. As a result, they become invested in the company and want it to succeed.

3. Using Technology

Using technology to make employees more productive is a lot less expensive than hiring additional staff. Technology can help reduce the time wasted on administrative procedures and paperwork. The more time workers can spend actually doing their jobs, the more productive they will be and the less likely they are to feel disempowered at work.

According to Jordan Sudberg, a pain management specialist, investing in a good quality employee relations management software can help enhance the performance of workers. This can help a lot with overall performance in the long run.

4. Listening To Workers’ Ideas

It is beneficial to make workers feel like they’ve got a voice, since they will become more comfortable with coming up with new ideas and making suggestions to help improve the company.

A company should always listen to its employees and embrace their ideas. Not only is this smart in a business sense, but it also helps foster an environment of creativity and innovation. The more their ideas are embraced, the better the culture of the company becomes.

5. Providing Constructive Feedback

When an organization actively changes to fit the employees’ needs and encourages employees to often provide honest feedback, they become empowered through being given a voice as to how the organization works.

An employee feedback platform that evokes action to be taken by managers should also be implemented. Managers are able to view drivers of employees’ engagement through heat maps and dashboards, which pinpoint areas that managers need to focus on.
Jordan Sudberg, head of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Center, suggests that it’s important to give workers room to grow and learn while empowering their critical thinking abilities, creative problem-solving skills, and making sure they feel like they have an active voice within the company.

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