Fun (and Safe) Gender Reveal Party Ideas

There are a lot of wonderful moments you’ll experience during your pregnancy, one of which is finding out your baby’s gender. As social media has become a platform for sharing news, gender reveal parties have surged in popularity in recent years, as a fun way for couples to share with their friends and loved ones. 

The great thing about gender reveal parties is that it’s up to you, and you can make the day truly unique and special to you. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, it’s important to stay safe for both your sake, and that of others. With that in mind, we’ve put together some ideas for gender reveal parties you can do safely.

Turn It Into a Game Day

If you can gather a few family members, why not turn the event into a game day and have your guests turn up wearing the color they think the gender will be? You can split everyone into two teams and come up with some great games, before revealing the real result at the end.

Depending on whether you hold the game indoors, or outdoors, you can come up with some creative game ideas for staying safe, and still having fun.


A fiesta is a great idea to bring some fun and color to your gender reveal party. You could have a taco party hosted by Marinaj Events and Banquets catering service for a feast your guests will love. You can have fun breaking open a piñata to reveal pink or blue candy (to eat afterwards). The great thing about this is that your guests who can’t make it can still enjoy the party via Zoom—a nice fun way to do a gender reveal while social distancing.

With an all-inclusive event service taking care of the hard work, all you and your guests need to do is have fun.

Silly String

For a fun and silly idea for your gender reveal party, why not go wild with some silly string? The idea is that you and your partner wear white, and your guests spray you with silly string that reveals the baby’s gender. This is a great activity you can do from afar, allowing you and your guests to keep within a safe distance of each other.

Cake Reveal

A cake reveal is another fun way to announce your baby’s gender. You could send cupcakes to your friends and family to join in with you online, or do a wedding style “cutting of the cake” with some of your closest friends or relatives present.

Gender reveal party ideas can be fun and safe, ensuring you and your guests can enjoy themselves at a safe distance, as well as be protected from other hazards. Whether you choose to host your gender reveal party in-person or online, turn it into a special occasion to mark this important milestone in your family’s life.  

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