Gateway Courses: Getting a Head Start

Did you know that even the lowest performing high school students are more likely to succeed when placed directly into college-level courses? When students are placed into college-level English and math courses, the chances that they stay to finish their credential or degree program increases over 20%. Using the term ‘college-level’ makes it seem as though these courses are more difficult, so why are students more likely to succeed when completing them?

College-level English and math courses are known as gateway courses. These are classes that students take that introduce them to the field and there can be different gateway courses depending on the students’ degree program. By completing these courses, students are given an overview on the topic and are able to begin building the necessary skills that it takes to excel in other areas of their education. Without completing them, students may feel overwhelmed or confused and it can lead to a lower level of retention in colleges.

By providing students the necessary tools to complete their gateway courses as soon as possible, we can expect a higher number of students that complete their degrees. To learn more about the importance of gateway courses, take a look at the infographic below:

Gateway Course for Student Success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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