Getting Married? What You Need to Know for Your Wedding

Planning and preparing for a wedding is a dream for most women though it can be very time consuming, however, it is always worth it in the end. Most weddings typically take a year to plan, plenty of time to make sure that everything is what you desire. Planning a wedding isn’t as simple as you think as many people hire wedding planners or even do it themselves, but you have to take into consideration all of the steps it requires to do so.

There are seemingly endless boxes to be checked, starting with the guest list, venue, and possibly most important of all, food! Whether you are looking for a traditional chicken/fish course, or a more satisfying “surf n turf” option, be sure to look into your vendors for quality. Finding someone to send you the freshest foods (see link above) will get you the most tasty (and happy guest) dinners of any wedding around!

A traditional wedding requires a large number of steps, but one of the most important steps is making sure you have already proposed with an engagement ring. Adding in accessories later on in the planning process like teardrop bridal earrings is common, because then you can make sure the accessories match the engagement ring.

Purchasing an engagement ring can be tricky, but it is the first step to getting married. Whether it be an antique ring, a custom ring, or even a ring that is displayed, the ring has to be just right. There is a rule that has been around for years but is not mandatory to follow at all, but when purchasing an engagement ring, the ring should typically cost what you would make in two months from your job. The ring should be something that your significant other will love though they should appreciate it no matter what. Also, the ring should match the personality of your significant other, whether you need to customize a ring or purchase an antique.

Antique engagement rings are always a possibility when looking for the right option for your bride. They do cost less but carry significance and value as the years go on. More often than not, antique rings are passed down throughout families just as all other rings are, but antique engagement rings are seen as heirlooms. Antique engagement rings usually end up costing less than the newer diamond rings due to a difference in the way the diamonds used to be cut. The cut in the past diamonds faced a decrease in price as the newer diamonds were made, causing the antique rings to cost about one-third less. However, at a lower price, finding a ring can be a bit easier, but you will first need to find a shop that supplies the rings you are looking for.

Are you interested in custom rings? Purchasing a customized engagement ring can make it one of a kind and make it so much more meaningful. A custom ring, however, typically does cost a lot more than any other ring as more work and more detail goes into the production of the ring. With the rule of spending what you make in two months to purchase a ring, you should expect to pay more to purchase a customized engagement ring as they can cost $15,000 or more. When you are looking into buying a ring, just as you would when trying to find an antique engagement ring, you will need to find the right shop that offers what you are looking to acquire. Overall, an engagement ring is the number one step to start planning a wedding as it initiates the idea and plans. You can’t get married without a proposal, right?

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