Globalisation: Language Services for Business

The combination of the Internet and jet travel has changed our world forever by bringing people together like never before, and that creates somewhat of a language barrier for today’s businesses. As you well know, Australia is a multi-cultural nation and that means situations of non-communication can arise, as certain people do not have one common language, particularly in a business environment.

Language Interpretation Services

From the development of technology was born the need for a range of translation services, which include the following:

  • Telephone Translation – The successful language service provider would have more than 1,500 certified interpreters in over 150 languages and they are all ready to hook up with you and translate a business telephone call in real time. When dealing with language professionals, you can actually have a productive phone conversation with anyone, in any language, so next time you call China on business, talk to, a company that is an industry leader in every respect.
  • On-Demand Video Interpreting – Video conference calls have revolutionised how we communicate remotely, with many advantages over a voice-only call. Such a system would mean more than 20 professional interpreters on call at any given time, and having an on-demand service is so convenient, as you don’t have to schedule the service. The service is compatible across all platform including Windows, iOS and Android, so there are never any network issues. Outsourcing has become the norm for small businesses, and here is a great blog on how to manage your outsourcing, which is a must-read for every entrepreneur.
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting – You might need to negotiate with a client, or take part if a video conference which is multicultural, or even have a global sales meeting, and with a system that is designed much like plug and play, you can communicate effectively using language professionals in the background.
  • Same Room Interpretation – If, for example, you have a Chinese delegation visiting your production facility and you need some translation during meetings, help is only a call away. There are many situations when you might require this service; an unhappy customer, negotiating the terms and conditions of a contract, entering into a MoU when you have to iron out many issues.

Using state of the art software, all of the above services can be presented in real-time, with no annoying delays while you wait for the translation, and as the interpreters are seasoned professionals, you can be sure of first-class service.

The Importance of Real-Time Communication

When you do business with non-English speaking companies, language can be a real bone of contention, and companies that are regularly in communication with foreign companies can set up an account with a leading business interpreting service, which guarantees interpreting services on-demand.

Using a professional interpreting service guarantees that you will experience no language issues when talking to non-English speaking people, and just about every language is available.

You could be losing a lot of business due to lack of understanding when trying to communicate with non-English speakers, and for a small fee, you can hook up with a professional interpreting service that will remove the language obstacles.

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