Health Rules Every Woman in her 30s Should Know

You must have heard this phrase multiple times, “make healthy food choices.” The gyms in your area are humming with the sound of people exercising. As we age, our immune system struggles to keep the foreign particles at bay. A child needs probiotics and after birth, vaccines to get their body’s defense mechanism working. We elders, however, rely on natural sources of healthy vitamins and other nutrients to keep us going. Our bodies undergo many physical and hormonal changes as we grow. Our body takes a 360 degrees turn once we hit puberty. As our physical capacity increases, it also increases the need for our dietary consumptions and our daily requirements of nutrients specified for different age groups. 

Crossing puberty, we observe many changes in our physique and emotions. Entering your thirties might not make you look different as compared to your teens and twenties phase, but the body keeps changing internally. Many people in their thirties think that they are slowing down whereas, some of us like to view it as entering in the prime time of aging. One of the significant changes that you might face in your thirties is your body metabolism. Women in their thirties often end up gaining weight as their metabolism slows down, providing less room for effective and quick digestion. The skin may also not look as younger as it used to be because of the less collagen production and, therefore, the wrinkles. Women are also prone to experience the start of their osteoporosis or osteoarthritis, and if you are a mom in thirties, you might face more health issues. 

Where there is health, there are ailments tagged along. These ailments are not necessary to be of the danger zone category, but we only visit the doctor when we feel a change in our health or body other than usual. Frequent visits to doctors can take out a significant load on your budget and financial resources. To benefit from medical facilities, without facing a constraint on your wallet/account, you can avail specified sickness plan. It is a health insurance plan that provides you medical assistance at first dollar payment without asking you to justify the deductible amount first. 

Here are a few health-friendly rules that you can practice to keep yourself healthy and glowing. 

  • Enhance your metabolism

You might be following the same diet pattern that made you look slim and trim in your twenties, but your weighing scale does not show the same weight range. None of us want to be obese or look fat to step miles away from our favorite sundress or pair of jeans. The reason your food intake cannot help you to shed those extra kilos is that your metabolism rate is slowing down. Slow metabolism leads to the insufficient breakdown of nutrients, which later accumulate as fats or cellulite. You can speed your metabolism a bit by revamping your nutrients intake. Intake of complex carbs can ace your metabolic rate, and for a better distribution of your carbs, proteins, and fats, seek the assistance of your nutritionist.  

  • Look after your bones

Women are often found to have low deposits of calcium and Vitamin D, the two most important elements essential for good bone health and density. Low calcium and Vitamin D can make you hear your joints cracking while you are using a staircase. The sound we hear is a sign from our body that we are not maintaining enough intake of calcium in our diet. Losing too much bone mass in your thirties may lead you to develop osteoporosis in your forties. You can delay the onset of bone issues by adding calcium, magnesium, and folic acid in your diet. Also, if you are one of the lovers of carbonated beverages, you might think to cut it down as these drinks take a toll on your bone’s calcium reservoirs.

  • Love water

If you were a bit sluggish to maintain your water intake in your twenties, now is the time to come to terms with your water intake. We all know that our body consists of 70% water. Water is the driving force of any life. Keeping yourself hydrated will not only help you lose weight, but it will also help your body to flush out the toxins. If you are struggling with your water intake, you can download an app for hourly reminders of drinking water. You can always add some natural flavor like lemon to please your taste buds and make them crave for water more and more. 

  1. Time to move

We are certainly not asking you to move out of relation or city, but we want you to run for your body and yourself. By moving, we mean some exercises or mood-lifting Zumba. The thirties come along with bone rigidity and low muscle mass. To keep your muscles toned and your joints lubricated, exercise is the best way to rejuvenate your bodily mechanisms. A half-hour exercise like aerobics, yoga, or any other suggested by your physical trainer can boost your mood, levels of oxygen, mental peace, and help you lose weight. 

  1. Lighten up your medical bills.

Since we know by now that thirties can bring us a tough deal of battling with health issues like that of bones, cholesterol, blood pressure, and hormones. To keep such ailments under control, you will need to visit doctors frequently. These visits may lead you to bankruptcy as availing medical facilities without any health-supportive plan is expensive. You can always avail pocket-friendly and health assisting insurance policy. 


Be it twenties or thirties; our health is the only asset that will take us to our further aging years. Maintaining good health can be easy and tricky at the same time. You need to check and be aware of your ailments, take necessary measures to control them from going bad. A women’s body constantly undergoes changes that can impact our overall health and personality. Making some healthy rules and habits to follow can help you increase the longevity of your body functions. 

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