Healthy Living is a Feminist Ideal

Since the Coronavirus health pandemic has taken center stage in all of our lives, many have begun reassessing how important they’ve stressed the significance of healthy living. Indeed, for quite some time now, health commentators and experts like Helen Lee Schifter have been strident in promoting this idea and the importance of people clearly understanding the need to better appreciate their physical and emotional health.

Indeed, there have been those who have advocated campaigns among influencers and people of prominence with followings to help educate the public about the need to turn to health and wellness in times of distress. But the media needs to be used as a vehicle to communicate these important messages.

Media professionals like Ken Kurson have maintained that the practice of stoicism can be a very cathartic and helpful exercise for one to achieve mental clarity and mental wellness. Indeed, he is not alone. There are many that feel passionately about this idea – which is part of the reason that stoicism as an activity to partake in, has taken on special meaning as something worthy of considering to practice.

But regardless, the media can indeed be used as a constructive force in enlightening the public about the values of health and wellness and the importance of people – especially younger people (a demographic that’s been plagued by the obesity epidemic) to take these issues revolving around health far more seriously than they presently are.

Helen Lee Schifter and other notable health experts continue maintaining that to the extent efforts and resources are not expended in order to help promote the importance of health and wellness, it is the equivalent of neglecting the health of our children and grandchildren. Indeed, this type of language is not too severe at all. On the contrary, it is sensible and absolutely strikes the proper tone.

For too long there has been the wrong attitude directed toward the significance that health and wellness ought to be playing in people’s lives. That attitude needs to be rid of, in the interest of promoting a healthy regimen among the broader and mass public. We need to do something to help our kids and grandkids. And it’s incumbent upon us to act in as expeditious a fashion as possible.

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