High Pressure Jobs and Mental Health

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Ways to Maintain Your Mental Health in the Workplace

Many people work in highly stressful careers. They often feel stressed, and they don’t know how to handle it. According to Jonathan Osler, high-pressured jobs can affect a person’s mental health. There are ways to maintain mental health, and people can enjoy their personal life and professional career.

1. Walk Away

People that work in highly stressful environments work fifty to sixty hours a week. Not only do they work, but many people come home after working a twelve-hour day and take care of the house. Many people do it by themselves without any help from family and friends. When people work too many hours, it’s best to take breaks now and then. People shouldn’t work straight through a shift. Employees or employers should walk away from the environment and go to a quiet place. Take a few deep breaths. If they need to cry, let it out where no one can see them. All people need is five to ten minutes to take a few breaths and walk back out on the floor as a different person.

2. Work Fewer Hours

Understandably, people need to make money, but it’s also best to take care of themselves. They should talk to their boss about lowering their hours. When people work fewer hours, they are happier, and their mental health is stronger.

3. Confide in Someone

People should talk to someone about what they’re feeling. It can be anyone. A boss, a co-worker, a counselor, a family member, or a close friend. By talking things out, people can release the stressful energy that’s in their minds. Once they release the negativity, they can work smarter. Some people talk to people once a week or when they have had a bad day.

4. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Get to bed at a decent hour. People can’t work well without sleep. Plus they feel angry and could take it out on their job. Try it for one night and see how that works. Go to bed an hour or two earlier than usual, and people can tell the difference in the morning.

5. Don’t Bring Work Home

When people make big money working in highly stressful environments, they often bring their work home to complete it. It is not healthy to bring work home. If employees can’t finish their work in the workplace, they can do it the next day. If people have deadlines at work, they need to prioritize their day.

6. Say No

In highly stressful careers, people tend to be too nice. Other employees may ask them to help them with something. People need to say no to other favors, so they can get their work done. It leads to them falling behind and not meeting their deadlines. People shouldn’t say yes to any favors unless they have finished their work and are ready to help someone else finish theirs.
Jonathan Osler would agree with these ways to help people maintain their mental health. People should try these ways next time they feel that they will spin out of control.

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