How Adding a Digital Speedometer Can Discourage Speeders

How Adding a Digital Speedometer Can Discourage Speeders

While driving at an unsafe speed can significantly increase the risk of a collision or traffic accident, there are still countless drivers who choose to ignore the posted speed limit. Finding ways to ensure that drivers slow down to a safe speed can make a life-saving difference, especially in school zones, road construction sites and other areas where an accident may be more likely to involve a pedestrian. Digital speedometer signs can be a very effective resource for discouraging speeders.

Digital Signs are Eye-Catching

Even a vigilant driver can sometimes overlook a traffic sign, especially in busy neighborhoods and crowded environments where there is a lot of visual information that needs to be processed. While conventional signs the show the posted speed limit or other warnings to drivers are static and unchanging, digital signs that can be updated in order to display real-time information regarding a driver’s current speed making them far more likely to be noticed. Digital signs used in concert with a conventional speed limit or road sign help to ensure that all drivers are made aware of the posted speed limit.

Active Feedback and Interaction

Conventional road signs are able to nothing more than broadcast information. Digital signs are superior because of their ability to provide real-time feedback and to encourage driver interaction. While a standard traffic sign can be easily ignored, the active feedback provided by a digital sign can make it far more difficult for drivers to dismiss or disregard the posted speed limit.

Greater Versatility

Digital signs afford superior visibility, especially at night and during low-light driving conditions. Digital signs can also be turned on or off at needs which can be especially helpful during school hours or when construction work is being done. The superior versatility of these signs makes them an ideal resource for use in areas where traffic volume may fluctuate during peak driving hours or during the times where pedestrians are expected to be present in greater numbers. Being able to simply turn the sign on when it may be needed can help to highlight the importance of obeying the speed limit.

Social and Psychological Pressure

Broadcasting the speed at which a vehicle is traveling in real time ensures that everyone who are sharing the road with the speeding motorist is made aware of the situation. Drivers who might otherwise choose to disregard a conventional speed limit sign may still be susceptible to the social and psychological pressure that an interactive digital sign is able to create. Making it more difficult for motorists to downplay their decision to speed can often be a very effective tactic.

Finding ways to ensure that drivers obey the posted speed limit can be a concern of the utmost importance. Speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents and areas where drivers continue to ignore or disregard the posted speed limit can quickly become very dangerous. More dynamic and versatile than a conventional road sign, digital speedometers are a tool that has been proven to help discourage speeders, especially when used in school or construction zones.

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