How Chinese Lanterns can Enhance your Graduation Party

How Chinese Lanterns can Enhance your Graduation Party

Chinese lanterns are commonly used in decorations, especially during wedding ceremonies they are preferred decorative features. The Chinese lanterns bring a vibrant and chic look when incorporated into your party. They are a desired decorative feature by event managers to bring out that stylish look. Let us brush over some of the ways a Chinese lantern can enhance your graduation party.

    Hang the lanterns on a string

Hanging out the lanterns creates a visual image of the place. Especially when hanging in the outdoor space, it can create a beautiful place. While at it, make sure to use different combinations that give it a special touch. You can incorporate motif lanterns in various prints. The use of lanterns for your outdoor graduation party can be placed over the edges to bring out a wonderful ambiance.

    Vertical lanterns

These lanterns work when placed outdoors perfectly during a graduation function that is located outdoors. When established in this manner, they can illuminate light and create a beautiful background for taking a picture showing the garden features. While at it, you may decide to decorate your picture frames with lanterns.

    Decorate indoors

Depending on the set up you may decide to hold your graduation party indoors. You may use the vertical lanterns to hide spaces that you do not want to be seen. Also, to bring attention to the main venue of the party and add artistic value to the area. Place unique shapes of the lantern to different corners of the room to add beauty to your space.

    Choose the right colors

For your graduation party, you may consider using different colors of the Chinese lantern. Different colors have different meanings. For example, the orange and red colors symbolize social gatherings and signify joy: the gold and yellow represent festivities. Your graduation party is best to go for colors that bring out the celebratory mood depending on your theme and preference.

    Choose the right shape and size

Lanterns come in different shapes and sizes to amaze your guests; you may decide to use the various forms in decoration. For the party, you can place big and small lanterns alternatively on transparent nylon strings. While at it, you can add posts to accentuate the whole look. Be sure not to put two same colors or shapes so that you can continue recreating the look. Clustering lanterns together on a post is the best way to highlight sizes you can use during decoration for your graduation party.

    Incorporate Chinese pattern varieties

The varieties are many such as the cherry blossoms motif, which will bring out the graduation party’s mood if managed correctly. In addition, when used during winter parties, it brings the warm feel of summer. Another print recommended for graduation parties is that one decorated with gold crimsons is ideal for your parties as it symbolizes joy, celebration, and rejuvenation. You can order the various patterns from an online party store.

•    Highlight a party display

Square lanterns are perfect when placed on a long table, especially during the graduation dinner with Led lights bringing out a party ambiance. Additionally, to highlight the cake during a graduation ceremony, hang a single lantern over the table that a cake is placed on.

Final views

The above mentioned are ways of using the Chinese lanterns to enhance your graduation party. Of course, you can experiment with any of them while decorating, follow the basics of hanging lanterns to avoid disorder. To have a beautiful ceremony, use various patterns and colors.

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