How Cosmetic Dental Work Can Boost Your Confidence

If you’ve got chipped, discolored, or missing teeth, you probably aren’t as outgoing as you used to be. You may hide your smile when taking pictures, and you might even do your best to avoid intimate conversations. Feeling bad about how you look whenever your teeth are showing can greatly diminish your life-quality. After all, your smile is easily the most noticeable feature on your face, and not being able to show it off with pride and confidence can make every social situation an uncomfortable one. The good news is that cosmetic dental work can boost your self-esteem in a number of surprising ways. Best of all, not only will you feel better about yourself by having dental work done, but you’ll also greatly improve the impression you make on others.

Enjoy the Functional Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is designed to improve smile aesthetics by replacing missing or badly damaged teeth, and by whitening and otherwise improving the natural teeth that remain. What you may not know, however, is that each of the available procedures starts by restoring the health of your entire mouth. Before offering you dental implants, dental bridges, crowns, or any other restorative procedures, a good dentist will address issues with gingivitis or periodontal disease, cavities, and more. This creates a strong, stable foundation for supporting cosmetic improvements. It also means that you’ll be able to use your teeth without unbearable tooth sensitivity, swollen or bleeding gums, or other uncomfortable symptoms of poor oral health.

Get Rid of Unpleasant Mouth Odors

You’ll feel a lot better about yourself when your smile is complete, and when all of your teeth are even and white. However, having cosmetic work done is also an opportunity to get rid of any unpleasant mouth odors that you’ve been battling. If you’ve got teeth that have broken off at the gum-line, gum disease, or cavities, odor-causing bacteria are likely proliferating in your mouth. By taking the time to improve your oral health before performing any cosmetic enhancements, your dentist can help you enjoy fresh, clean breath all of the time. Whispering in someone’s ear or even leaning in for a quick kiss won’t fill you with a sense of embarrassment or dread.

Chew Better and Speak Clearly

Among some of the most impressive functional benefits that cosmetic enhancements can provide are dramatically improved speaking and chewing abilities. These are especially important for people who have lost or damaged one or more front teeth, and who can no longer enunciate clearly as a result. Whether dining out with friends or giving an important speech at work, you won’t feel self-conscious about how you look, how you sound, or how you move and use your mouth.

Show Off a Brilliant Smile

With a healthy and complete smile, you’ll be happy to show your teeth at every photo opportunity. You won’t feel the need to cover your mouth when you laugh or grin, and you won’t shy away from conversations in intimate settings. In fact, with time, you won’t worry about your smile at all. You’ll gradually start spending less time calculating your facial movements, judging your distance from other people, and avoiding activities and environments that might expose your tooth loss, tooth discoloration, or other cosmetic problems.

Stop Progressive Tooth and Bone Loss

The greatest and most frequently overlooked benefit of cosmetic dental services is the fact that you’ll have the opportunity to put progressive tooth and bone loss to a stop. With dental implants, your body will treat the titanium posts that support your implants just like it would your own natural tooth roots. As such, the treatment area will continue to get a nourishing supply of blood and oxygen. The mass of your jawbone won’t decline like it would if you left your tooth loss untreated, and you’ll maintain all of your natural facial fullness. With less stress being placed on the natural teeth that remain, you can also avoid progressive problems with excess tooth wear, loose teeth, and new tooth loss.

For people with aesthetic and functional oral health issues, cosmetic dentistry is always a worthwhile investment. With a complete set of bright, attractive-looking teeth, you’ll speak more clearly, chew more efficiently, and make the best possible impressions on everyone you meet. Best of all, you’ll feel good about yourself again, and can enjoy consistently high levels of self-confidence everywhere you go.

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