How Developers Are Using Nature As A Selling Point

Natural resources aren’t limitless and the exploitation of nature has caused different types of environmental damages including the destruction of natural flora and fauna, pollution of land, water, and air, landscape degradation, etc.

However, as far as the development growth is concerned, according to the Green Building Council, UAE has been ranked among the top 10 countries having the highest number of buildings with green certifications.

The developers in UAE are offering the allure of nature to attract investors. They are trying to create a healthy environment that’s based on ecological principles. The forests, the mountains, and the sea provide a beautiful backdrop for these ecological projects. 

Let’s look at some of these projects where the developers are putting forward the concept of green buildings in both residential and commercial projects:

1.   Bab Al Bahr in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Bab Al Bahr Residences have been constructed at an excellent location at a distance of 30 minutes from Ras Al Khaimah airport. Many nurseries, beach resorts, water parks and shopping centers surround the development. 

These residences consist of three pyramid-shaped constructions that flow from one into another while forming one complex. The exteriors are perfectly in blend with the natural surroundings of the sea and sandy beaches. 

These residences also have a giant community swimming pool accessible that’s surrounded by a leisure deck with sunbeds, cabanas and a barbeque area. Several shops, cafes, restaurants are available and household cleaning facilities and services are also available. Nearby residents also have access to a beautiful golf course, marina, and schools.

2.   Co-working Spaces, Al Hamra Village, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Al Hamra Village in RAK city (located in an emirate ruled by Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi) has come up with close-to-nature co-working spaces. These co-working spaces proved to be a great success between developers and investors.

The developers have also revamped The Sailing Club of Ras Al Khaimah with a new concept and new identity – The Clubhouse. It is set against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea with stunning natural views.

3.   Lord Green Building, Texas, USA

Built in 2020, this place is a part of a huge project that covers 139 sustainable projects spread across 42 million square feet area. The Lord Green Building has a 6663 square feet area that functions as headquarters to Lord Green Real Estate Strategies. 

The unique features of this property include an LED system, a weather-based irrigation controller, and a waste management program that recycles consumables made of paper, plastics, glass, electronics, and batteries. The place has a beautiful natural landscape with plants and shade trees, an outdoor space for employees, and a dog park with turfgrass. 

4.   Kampung Admiralty, Singapore

Kampung Admiralty has been designed by WOHA (a Singapore-based architectural practice) to mimic a club sandwich, with different functional buildings layered on top of each other. The building features a community plaza on its ground level, a huge healthcare unit in the middle, and senior housing on its upper floors and the rooftop. The building is known for its beautiful green terraces filled with plants and green pathways.

5.   Oasia Hotel Downtown by WOHA, Singapore

Oasia Hotel Downtown is an entire 27-floor building wrapped up in lush green balconies and has four sky terraces. This hotel is home to over 33 species of plants and 21 species of creepers. It also has 1793 large planter boxes and four large structural cones making it a great place for natural light and cross-ventilation reducing the overall energy cost.

These types of sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure projects create a positive impact on individuals’ health and the environment. What’s more, they offer better surroundings and effective noise protection, thereby improving the overall quality of life.

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