How Do You Know When A Good Woman is Done With You

Good women come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and physical appearances. They come from all educational backgrounds from high school drop-out to PhD. They are professionals who work 9-5 or midnight to dawn.

She’s Become Indifferent About Everything About You, Like Your Personality and Appearance.

If you’re wondering if your girlfriend is done with you, look for these signs.

She’s become indifferent about everything about you, like your personality and appearance.

When a woman is done with a relationship, she tends to go through a lot of emotions. This can include anger, sadness, guilt, confusion and even relief. If she has become indifferent about everything about you including your personality and appearance, then it’s time to take a closer look at her behavior. She may not show it outwardly but deep inside there will be emptiness and loneliness that needs to be filled.

She no longer takes an interest in your life or wants to know what’s going on in your head and heart anymore.

A woman who is done with you doesn’t want anything more than just being around you in order to make herself feel better or less lonely. She no longer takes an interest in your life or wants to know what’s going on in your head and heart anymore because there’s nothing left for her in this relationship other than just being there for some company.

She’s No Longer Worried About What You Think of Her Or If You Approve Of Her Choices.

  1. She’s no longer worried about what you think of her or if you approve of her choices.
  2. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable with you.
  3. She’s not afraid to be honest with you about everything, even when it hurts.
  4. She’s no longer afraid to express herself and tell you how she feels because she knows that whatever happens, it won’t change the love you have for her.
  5. She no longer tries to fit in with your crowd or make sure that everyone likes her because she knows that eventually, they will all fade away anyway.
  6. She doesn’t try to impress anyone anymore or make sure they like her because she knows that their opinion doesn’t matter anymore because at this point, she already has yours.

Her Memory of The Good Times Is Fading Away, Replaced With Only What You Did Wrong.

If you are wondering if a good woman is done with you and has moved on, there are some telltale signs that indicate this is the case.

  1. She no longer laughs at your jokes or even tries to make you laugh, even if they’re funny. She just doesn’t care anymore.
  2. She no longer initiates sex or romance, even if it is something that she used to enjoy doing with you.
  3. She stops initiating contact with you altogether, whether it’s touching, kissing or hugging — anything that makes physical contact between the two of you will stop completely, even if it was something she used to enjoy doing with you before things started going downhill between the two of you as well as outside of any relationship issues that may have been present between the two of you during your time together.

You Can Feel It in How She Talks to You And How She Looks At You That There’s Nothing Left To Save Or Fix Now.

You can feel it in how she talks to you and how she looks at you that there’s nothing left to save or fix now.

You know when a good woman is done with you because she keeps her distance. She stops answering your calls. She doesn’t make time for you, even when she has none of her own. She avoids eye contact when you walk into a room, and she leaves before you do.

You know when a good woman is done with you because she pulls away from your touch, not just physically but also emotionally. She doesn’t want to talk about the future anymore, or what might have been if things had gone differently between the two of you.

You know when a good woman is done with you because she starts treating other people better than she treats you — especially men who treat her well — and then tells them all about how her ex-boyfriend was so terrible, but now she’s happy again and everything is going great.

You Don’t Want to See It Because You Never Thought It Would Come Down To This But She Just Doesn’t Look Right Anymore When She’s In Your Presence.

You don’t want to see it because you never thought it would come down to this but she just doesn’t look right anymore when she’s in your presence. There are no more sparks, no more excitement and you find yourself looking for excuses to avoid spending time with her.

There is a feeling of boredom and disappointment that has taken over, which is the most difficult thing for any man to accept. You don’t want to believe that you have lost her but deep down you know it’s true.

She talks about other guys in front of you and they are not just her friends anymore. She fawns over them too much and shows them off like trophies on her arm when they come around. She wants everyone else to know that she has someone new in her life besides you, even though it hurts you deeply every time she does this.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to let go of resentment and any feelings that hold you back from being the best man you can possibly be. Being a good woman requires countless sacrifices, so don’t abandon her before she abandons you—value your time with her, appreciate her, and love her right.

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