How Does Music Send Our Body Subliminal Messages?

Subliminal messages are everywhere, and whether they’re designed to or not, they affect the way we think and act, every day. Subliminal messages are things related to our environment that we don’t really notice, but our subconscious mind does, and acts around that. This is seen a lot through body language. The way we move around people often goes unnoticed, but drastically affects the way we view a person, or act around or towards them. A good example of this is that a lot of the time you copy the movements of people around you, if someone crosses their legs, a lot of the time you’ll do the same thing, without really knowing why. This is one of the most obvious ways subliminal messages affect us without our knowledge. But unsurprisingly, this is also abused a lot when it comes to marketing. Being able to suggest something to a person or make them feel a certain way without them knowing is extremely appealing and valuable to companies. Here are some different ways music affects us, and how it’s used to send subliminal messages to us.

How it Works

Subliminal audio messages are recorded on a frequency below or on the threshold of human hearing, making it extremely difficult or impossible to really notice, but your unconscious mind still processes it. This can be extremely suggestive to people, since it can make you think about certain things when you otherwise wouldn’t. For example, when in a mall, a subliminal audio message could make you think about shoes, which would make you more likely to go into a shoe store at the mall. This can also be used for many other reasons that are less obvious or common.

Subliminal music works in a very similar way. For example, when you listen to minor chords you get a very different feeling than when listening to major chords. Listening to music that switches between keys can also be very unsatisfying. But have you ever thought about why? It’s because the sounds you hear send subliminal messages that your brain processes in different ways. 

How Its Used

As aforementioned, advertising and marketing is a very popular way subliminal audio and music is used to affect our brains or suggest certain ideas to us. Businesses around the world use this to their advantage all the time, whether it be in person or through the television or radio. Movies also use subliminal audio and music messages to help you feel a certain way during the show, whether it be suspense, happiness, sadness, defeat, or victory. If you want a challenge, try to notice all of the subliminal messages that are shown to you throughout your everyday life, see if you can notice it in advertisements, shops, in movies or shows. If you really want a treat, try to influence friends or family with your own homemade subliminal messages, and see how they react! Just be careful not to get too caught up in making people do your bidding.

Benefits And Self Help

More and more, subliminal messages are being recognized as a huge resource for self help and improvement. Have you ever heard a motivational speaker talk about affirmations? Affirmations are a form of subliminal message that basically works on the principal of if something is repeated enough times, the subconscious part of our brain will start to believe it, and our actions and habits will change in the way we want. Music works in the same way. Listening to uplifting, inspiring music can help us to keep a positive mindset, and to progress towards the life that we have always wanted!

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