How to Build a Career in a New Industry

How to Build a Career in a New Industry

According to the thoughts of Helen Lee Schifter, a professional, businesswoman, keynote speaker, and author, for a person to succeed in any industry, they have to know whatever they want in their career. One needs to understand the type of work they want to engage in before commencing with the job hunt exercise and work on the skill set that goes with their passion for having an exceptional career when it’s ready.

Becoming successful in a new industry requires much more hard work and discipline because the work can be arduous and constantly pressured. Consider a comprehensive career path before starting permanent work in a new industry. Contemplate working temporarily for a few months before deciding on permanent employment. A person should try and consider when deciding on a career in a new industry because it matches their skill set and personality to be positive and motivated at work.

Here are some of Helen Lee Schifter’s advice to those who want to build a career in a new industry:

Should try new things, take risks, and should not be afraid

Having an open mind helps in building a career. Exchange ideas with others regularly by meeting and having discussions on new projects and the things affecting the new industry, always accepting criticism from others without becoming angry, and giving others the chance to hear and be heard.

should network with individuals who help their career advance

Associate with like-minded people who brings a true feeling of connection and understanding. When one does not have such people but keeps those who don’t even know or understand their dreams, they end up surrounded by negative energy.

Like-minded individuals will notice the importance of their friend’s career to their lives and will even keep checking on their friend’s progress and push them to overcome the challenges.

If they are not doing things that are making them happy, then maybe it’s time to make a change

They need to follow their passion. When people have passion for their careers, they become resilient when obstacles come their way and become more positive. Passion will bring the true meaning of each day and how important it is in building their career in a new industry.

Should find something that they love to learn, whatever they are passionate about

Those professionals looking into building their careers must continue learning and stay on top of their game. They need to ask questions about their careers even if they have a lot of experience because there could be things they have never seen or heard.

Rather than struggling with these issues that they have little or no knowledge about, they should ask for assistance from those whom they trust within that career.

Remember that those who turn out to be the most successful in their career will always ask a question whenever they need it as a way of learning. They will build a good reputation in the new industry if they do that.

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