How to Deal With a Partner That is Struggling With Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse issues span every single country around the world with people of all classes struggling. Drugs or alcohol can completely change a person and lead them to do things that they would have never done sober. Being involved romantically with someone struggling with addiction can be tough to say the least. You do not want to enable them but would want to help them simultaneously, which is difficult to navigate. 

Recognizing Addiction

Addiction can be tough to recognize as addicts do a great job of hiding it. Alcohol is much more difficult to hide due to the impact it has on a person and the smell. Drugs, on the other hand, might be a bit tougher to notice as some could be seen as being energetic or tired on a specific day. There are so many drugs out there that you need to worry about and can be dangerous to detox off of. Arrests or a loss of a job is a good indication of addiction when combined with an element of secrecy. 

An Arrest Can Be a Blessing in Disguise 

An arrest can be a blessing in disguise as a number of people get clean while incarcerated. While this is not their choice, this can help them clear their mind to realize that they need help. A seasoned drug lawyer can be a huge help in this situation. They can help get your partner into some kind of treatment program rather than having them sentenced to jail. Addicts do get clean in jail but this is by force and they rarely address the reasons for their substance abuse. You want professionals to work with your partner so they can have long-lasting sobriety. 

Keep Tabs on Their Finances 

You should know where your money is going especially if you are married. Spouses that you suspect of substance abuse that are secretive about a joint account could be bankrupting you. Asking for receipts after running errands can show you if all of the money was used or if it was used for alcohol. Frequent ATM withdrawals are another sign of substance abuse as a number of drug dealers aren’t going to take a Venmo or PayPal payment. You will be able to notice certain increments of money being taken out frequently and regularly which is a telltale sign of substance abuse. 

Be Honest Whether It is Healthy to Stay Involved With Them 

You might want to help your partner but it is ruining your mental health. You need to take care of yourself first as addiction can pull you down with the addict. You do not want to end up codependent as this can lead the addiction to worsen or for you to fall into an addiction. Constantly trying to save someone can turn into an addiction of its own. If children are involved, you need to think about their best interests instead of the interests of your partner.

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