How to Educate People on Sustainability

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How to Educate People on Sustainability

Educating people on responsible use of environmental resources is vital in this age where climate change is threatening our survival. In order to protect the future generation, we need to practice behaviors that do not endanger our lives and the planet as a whole. It is vital to secure existing resources to ensure we have something to pass to our children’s children. One of the most vocal people on educating people on this subject is Father George Rutler.

Who is Rutler?

Father George Rutler, who is commonly associated with St. Michael’s the Archangel church, has accomplished a lot in his life. Being a graduate of Dartmouth, he has received numerous Catholic Church titles and authored countless books on theology, cultural issues, history, and sports. Moreover, the pastor has been an active crusader of a safer and greener planet. Additionally, he has been a devoted supporter of the pope’s stand for political solutions to humanity’s problems, paying special focus on the changing climate.

What Scientists Say

According to Rutler, to achieve this, a culture of responsible sharing and caring is necessary. This position aligns with The Paris Agreement on conserving the environment, reducing the emission of environment-polluting gases into the atmosphere. Scientists associate the rise of these gases with a rise in global temperatures. They estimate that the temperature might increase at least by two degrees Celsius by the end of the century. The temperature change has caused a decline in food production due to disrupted weather patterns which lead to hunger, mostly in developing countries. We can avoid this by living the Christian values of caring for the environment. The commitment to reverse the environment to its original state is in line with God’s call on us to protect and renew the life of the planet, as well as guard the whole of His creation.

Rutler’s influence on Education on Sustainability

Father George Rutler‘s popularity and access to the pulpit have always allowed him to share his thoughts about climate change with his followers. He has advised them on the best ways to dispose of their waste, reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere, as well as ways of taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Rutler says this is achievable by planting trees where they were none in addition to re-planting trees where they were once cut. In relation to this, he called on people to stop cutting down trees in forests because they provide water and also help in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In order to achieve this, providing funding for climate-friendly practices and initiatives to make the earth greener is helpful. Additionally, hosting forums on ways to make the world greener is also essential in educating people on the proper use of the planet’s resources. However, it takes each individual’s commitment and discipline to ensure that we pass a healthy planet to future generations.


The change in climate globally in the past few decades has led to an urge to discuss these pressing issues concerning saving our planet. These discussions align with the church’s teachings on taking care of God’s creation. Rutler has set a good example of how to achieve this best, and the world can learn a lot from his steps in helping to slow down and stop climate change effects.

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