How to Help Your Teenage Daughter With a Drinking Problem

It is not always that things go according to your will. Upheavals in life often force you to resort to ways that give you pleasure and calmness, although these solutions do not work on a long-term basis. 

Most importantly, they are not the correct measures to turn to given the fact that they could make you hollow from within not just physically but mentally too. This ideology applies to every individual regardless of whether you are living in the Northern hemisphere or the Down Under. 

To understand the process of recovery better from alcohol addiction, let us go through this information in the paragraphs below. 

Facts and Figures

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, individuals belonging to the category of AUD or alcohol use disorder account for about 14.1 million adults in the United States. Unfortunately, approximately, 8% of this figure seek treatment. 

What to expect from alcohol addiction treatment Arizona? There is help at hand for those wanting to give up the habit and lead a healthy and peaceful life. if you are planning to give up alcohol, do so steadily and you will win the battle. 

Remember, alcohol rehabilitation is a broad term that encompasses treatment procedures that help you to give up alcohol. 

The objective of all alcohol rehab centers will be more or less the same with few dissimilarities about rules and regulations. 

What you can and cannot carry?

  1. For those coming in as inpatient rehab candidates, you can carry cell phones if at all you need to.
  2. In most of the centers, you will not be allowed to carry mouthwashes, food, and drinks in large quantities, weapons, perfumes, and the medicines you carry must be checked by the inpatient in charge before they are allowed to be administered. 
  3. Carry with you insurance cards, identification documents.
  4. Essential contact details of loved ones and phone numbers.
  5. Toiletries
  6. Books or magazines to read
  7. Your regular medicines for other ailments if any.
  8. Clean clothes to wear.
  9. If you have undergone prior treatment for any other illness, bring the records along. 
  10. Last but not the least, come in with a positive mindset.

Assessment and setting up an alcohol rehab program. 

The type of treatment that you must undergo will depend on your condition. To assess your condition, you have to talk to the specialists at the rehab center

By speaking to you, and checking your records, finding out the symptoms, and getting to the root of the problem, the rehab center will decide upon your course of treatment. 

Regardless of whether you are visiting an Inpatient rehab Lawrenceville GA service provider or for that matter in any part of the country, for long-term therapy, short-term therapy, as an inpatient candidate, or seeking partial hospitalization, you first need to convince yourself that you need help at the moment.

If you have an open mind and agree to the fact that you can come out of it, the effectiveness of the treatment improves. 

Step-wise procedure for alcohol rehabilitation treatment of your teenage daughter

Check out the mode of treatment that you or your loved one will undergo. Remember, this is an outline of what you can expect during the treatment, but it may differ from one center to another. 

  1. Step-1- Working out a customized plan for your daughter

Once the assessment and admission process is done for your loved one, the next is to create a plan that will be the best for your teenage kid. 

  1. Step- 2 Detoxification or clearing your body of the addictive substance

When you try to leave alcohol, it will cause withdrawal symptoms. Pharmacologic intervention is required at this stage. Medicines are administered for the same. The detoxification process is essentially medically supervised. 

  1. Step- 3 Laying foundation for long-term benefit

To avail of this, you have two options at your disposal, namely, inpatient care and outpatient care. In the case of the former, you will have a personal staff that will be around to take care of you round the clock at the center. 

Outpatient care, which your daughter can avail too depending on her condition, is good for those suffering from mild symptoms and addiction. 

  1. Step- 4 – Choosing the right program

Being a teenager is not always easy especially if the child belongs to a household with an unpleasant environment. Oftentimes, it is also seen that due to the pressure of studies, kids are not able to cope up with the pressure due to which they turn to alcohol or resort to substance abuse. 

If you are determined to give up the habit, it becomes easier for the caring staff to offer treatment. Not only that the treatment is even more effective and you tend to heal faster as well. 

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