How to Improve the Health of Your Microbiome with Biocidin Liquid

Digestive health is crucial to wellbeing. The recently popularized phrase, “the gut-brain connection” teaches us that the state of our digestive system has a direct impact on our mood, energy, and our overall state of being. Homeostasis is easily disturbed by digestive upsets like constipation, bloating, gas, and autoimmune disorders, all of which stem from a poorly balanced intestinal ecology.

Western medicine certainly has its place in pain management, mental health, and emergency cases, but when it comes to improving digestive and gut bacterial balance, functional medicine takes the win, as it understands that there is a fragile process involved in creating a healthier microbiome. When we use pharmaceutical agents to bandage our digestive issues, we are ignoring the root problem which is why our symptoms keep coming back long after western approaches like fiber supplements, and antibiotics run their course.

We are actually making a bad problem worse because these medications create digestive imbalance by killing off good bacteria. To avoid symptom upsets without disorganizing intestinal ecology, use plant-based antimicrobials like Biocidin liquid of the brand Bio-Botanical Research. This product is capable of restoring bacterial imbalances and even eliminating fungal infections associated with imbalances. 

How Do Botanicals Work? 

Botanicals execute antimicrobial activity, which disrupts ongoing biofilm production, a process of coating that compromises the immune system by allowing pathogens to create layers that protect themselves from system detection. The shield that is formed by biofilm production is what allows pathogens to resist antibiotic treatment. Botanicals eliminate these biofilms because when we ingest botanicals, we are consuming a plant’s immune system, which supports the immune system, by giving it the tools it needs to eliminate unwanted bacteria as well as add in, wanted bacteria. After enough time, the right balance of probiotic and prebiotic bacteria is restored. 

Why Biocidin Liquid?

Biocidin Liquid is a botanical creation infused with a combination of organic, antimicrobial herbs and natural ingredients. The combination of ingredients makes it possible to address GI-local and chronic conditions. A group of essential oils is included in the mix including lavender, tea tree, and galbanum oil. Potent extracts like bilberry, noni, milk thistle, echinacea, white willow bark, grapeseed, and garlic are paired into the product as well as antioxidants like raspberry, black walnut, shiitake, and goldenseal. The product has been tested in various studies of SIBO patients who report improved and/or resolved symptoms after following approximately eight weeks of routine usage. 

Most choose to follow a cleansing diet program while taking Biocidin to give the body a chance to conserve digestive energy as it focuses on repairing the state of internal ecology and the immune response. Natural treatments generally take longer to work than western approaches, but in doing so, you avoid killing off beneficial bacteria while restoring good bacteria and eliminating harmful components. Product users frequently report positive changes in mood, digestion, elimination patterns, sleep, and energy levels with prolonged use of botanicals like Biocidin Liquid and a cleansing, energy preserving diet.

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