How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

The world is a great place and full of opportunities. But first you have to come to terms with its reality. And the reality is that unless you’re born into a wealthy family, you’re going to have to work in order to live comfortably, and the work you find may not be very interesting, fulfilling, or prestigious. But once you’ve accepted the fact that at least a third of every week is going to be devoted to The Job, you can focus on your free time and your real passions — with the goal always in mind that there’s a way to combine your passion and time in a way to make enough income to live comfortably. As the great thinkers always say: If you love your work, then it really isn’t work anymore. And hundreds of entrepreneurs the world round will testify that it can be done by anyone with a little cash, backbone, and self confidence. So what’s your side hustle going to be? Right now, according to the #1 CBD supplement on the market, it’s in the health sector.

Wait for it.

Don’t be in a hurry to discover your passion or hidden talents. Let the discovery flow slowly and naturally. It’s true that some people know what they want to do, what they need to do, from an early age. But for most of us it takes years of experimenting and pondering to finally decide what it is we’re good at or what we’re really meant to do. Don’t obsess about it; you’ll know what it is when the time is ripe. The important thing to remember is that everyone has that inspired spark in them somewhere, and with steady patient coaxing it can be discovered, nurtured, and finally harnessed for a lifetime of satisfaction and usefulness. 

Invite input.

The problem with daydreaming is that it’s often a solitary occupation; done while commuting or waiting in the doctor’s office or during the long dull stretches of just getting along as best you can. It’s a mistake to keep your daydream locked up. They need to be shared with others and evaluated, so you can use that input to fine tune them and make them more realistic. An entrepreneur cannot afford to be shy about sharing his or her dreams with others. Choose someone you trust, such as a family member or a friend, and ask them to sit down with you somewhere quiet and private where you can unfold your dream to them and ask them for their response. And, most importantly, then listen, really listen, to their response. You’re under no obligation to accept anything they say as true, but you should be able to glean at least one good idea to help make your dream more viable. And once you’ve shared with someone, that someone becomes a permanent cheerleader and resource person for you. 

Failure is not a dirty word.

Finally, please be kind to yourself. If your side hustle doesn’t pan out, says WP Blog Tips, even after detailed planning and feverish activity, just chalk it up to experience and start looking for something else you can be good at. Only a genius becomes obsessive — the rest of us should just pick ourselves up and look for the next rainbow. 

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