How to Reward Valuable Employees

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How to Reward Valuable Employees

Recognizing and rewarding valuable workers’ contributions goes a long way to motivate them and build a positive working relationship between them and the employees. It gets demoralizing when an employer fails to recognize their workers’ good work. There are many ways and methods of rewarding valuable workers, and managers often get confused about choosing the most effective. Here are some of the effective ways to reward valuable employees.

Personalized thank you note

One might not understand how a simple thank you note written by the manager can effectively reward their efforts. This method makes them know that their actions are valuable and have affected the employer. According to educator Jonathan Osler, a thank you note has zero costs. Still, it can go a long way to achieve the motivation and recognition an employer wants to pass onto their workers.

Time off

Valuable employees need some time off to refresh and gain new energy to achieve more. Everyone, including the most enthusiastic employee, would fancy some time off to relax and hang out with their family and friends. The employer can reward their valuable workers and their families with a fully catered vacation, which will significantly strengthen their relationship with the company. Adding a day or a week to the employee’s leave can also be a great way of rewarding them.


Money is a magical motivator. Rewarding valuable workers with an extra salary will make them feel recognized and put more effort into their duties. However, physical money is not the only way to reward a valuable employee. Gift cards can also serve the purpose. However, monetary awards should not be the only way to reward employees. They should be part of the entire appreciation program.

Field trip

An outing for the employees can be a great way to improve the workplace culture. To reward valuable employees for their outstanding work, one can take them for a group outing. This outing should include activities that everyone can participate in and enjoy. An outing could be a sporting event, a public park, or even a local conference that will allow them to interact, network, and learn.

Skill development

Skill development has always been a concern, especially to the young employees; Jonathan Osler comments that they worry much about their career future. Skill development is also necessary for all workers, especially with the technological advancements emerging in today’s world. Offering skill development programs to valuable workers can be a great way of recognizing their contribution to the company and their potential to achieve more.

Magazine and social media features

Featuring valuable employees in the company newsletter, blog or magazine is a good way of recognizing their efforts. These features show how the company values their top-achieving employees, portray a positive picture to the public and motivate workers to achieve more to receive such recognition. Social media recognition is another way of rewarding and motivating valuable employees. Especially singing their praises on LinkedIn helps build their career profile and opens them to the world of opportunities.

These are some practical ways employees can reward their valuable and successful employees. Recognizing employees’ efforts should not be a difficult task. Simple, rewarding actions can achieve more for the company through motivation and more dedication from the workers.

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