Ideal Desk Set Up for Productivity

8 Best Desk Setups to Increase Productivity

It’s no secret that the environment significantly impacts a person’s productivity. From the foods they eat to the music they listen to, it all influences how well a person works and their overall mood. Desk setup is no exception to this. The correct setup can change how a person works, feels, and performs. It can even improve focus, creativity, or overall well-being.

While the world understands the importance of the environment, many people haven’t found their optimal desk setup to improve productivity. In this guide, Jordan Sudberg highlights some desk setup tips that can help improve productivity.

1. Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

Sitting in the wrong working position for hours is one of the most common causes of back pain and fatigue. A poor sitting posture can also negatively impact concentration, hinder working efficiency and even increase the risk for long-term health problems such as sciatica or diabetes.

Ergonomic chairs have three essential features: they provide good lumbar support, rotate and swivel easily, and allow tilting backrests to ensure correct posture.

2. Use Keyboard and Mouse from the Same Distance

Although using a mouse might not seem like a big deal, it can make a lot of difference in the long run. A mouse should be used from arm’s length while keeping a straight elbow. The keyboard should be in the same spot where the mouse is so that hands don’t have to move around too much.

3. Find The Right Distance between Monitors

The monitors should be in such a way that a person can look at both of them without having to turn their head much. This way, they can minimize neck movements while working and increase their productivity.

4. Change Position

Many people tend to work in the same spot for long because they are comfortable with it, which limits their creativity and makes them more prone to distractions. Shifting the position of the desk forces a person to change the environment, making room for new ideas and solutions.

5. Invest in a High-Quality Monitor

Resolution is the most important feature when looking at a computer screen. A good monitor has several key features that ensure a person’s comfort and productivity. When choosing a monitor, consider aspect ratio, refresh rate, resolution, pixel, and response time. Jordan Sudberg believes that a high-quality monitor will keep a person focused and protect their eyes from straining.

6. Keep a Plant Nearby

Plants are a great way to bring fresh air and soften a mood. Even without nurturing, a plant still lends some freshness to the room. Having plants in the workspace is one of the most underrated elements people should consider when making improvements.

7. Invest in High Quality Headphones

Listening to music or using podcasts while working can greatly help focus on what needs to get done. High-quality headphones also generate less background noise, which makes it easier to focus.

8. Organize The Desk

The more organized the desk, the easier it is to work on something. If too many things are around, a person will spend more time looking for what they need, which can become a real distraction. Organizing is an excellent way to increase overall productivity since a person can get everything required instantly.

The Bottom Line

A good desk setup improves working efficiency and promotes a positive work environment. It even reduces the risk of an underlying health condition. By considering these tips, anyone can find a setup that improves their environment and overall productivity.

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