Importance Of Mental Health

One would think the only part of being healthy is maintaining a fit physique, but that’s not the only factor in making sure one is very healthy. One not only needs to sustain an active life style, but also remember that not only ones body but ones soul and mind have to be healthy as well. Many people like Helen Schifter believe in the importance of mental wellness. Mental health not only includes the physical part but also ones emotional, mental and social health. It accounts for the way one reacts to situations, also how one thinks and feels. Some of the early signs would be if one is feeling low on energy, not eating or eating too much, not finding joy in everyday activities or even sleeping a lot. Individuals that are going through some of these issues always have the possibility to reach out for help. If one is suffering from these types issues they should seek help from a professional immediately, connecting with different people and most importantly keeping a positive mindset. Positive mentality helps a person realize their full potential,cope with all the different stresses of life and helps maintain those positive relationships with family and friends. There are different symptoms one can experience and that is loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, loss in activity, if someone were to notice those symptoms in a loved one they should reach out for help. One tends to think no it can’t happen to them, but in all reality it can! One little trigger and one can find themselves in a downward spiral, and when that happens one must try to focus on the positive outlooks on life and get the help needed. Stressors in life can include family life, work and even school! This topic always matters, and being cautious can prevent a negative outcome. It is said that when one neglects their mentality’s well being suicide rates rise and this is why one needs to take care of themselves. There are many steps one can take to improve their lives and that can be anywhere from eating a healthy balanced diet, jogging outside, and as hard as it maybe sometimes opening up to individuals that can help one cope. According to Helen Schifter, yoga and meditation also increase wellness and are powerful ways to cope with the hardships of life. It is said one can meditate for at-least 20 minutes and day and this makes the individual feel renewed and relaxed. Yoga on the other hand helps one understand not only their physical wellness but also ones mind and soul. Mixing meditation and yoga together will help one fully come into connection with one as a whole. One must always communicate in order to let others help and seek the guidance that is needed to live an amazing life. The biggest part of being well is research, read, seek, and one shall find all the answers they need to continue a beautiful stage in their life! This topic matters because whether one has a family or not someone loves them and needs them!             

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